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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Sounds Like some people in Century Village:-),0,2436377.story


  1. Hi Marc,

    Yes, it sure does, at Delegate Assembly of May 3, 2013, out in the lobby prior to the meeting, Olga asked me "Do you want another Law Suit". My response was "Get on line"

    What was that about? I refused to permit her to add her personal handouts to the UCO handouts.

    Welcome to Sue City

    Dave Israel

  2. A first amendment lawsuit. This woman dreams about a free speech case like I dream about a 24 hour hot dog and knish truck permanently parked on the grassy center of Chatham Isle. Let her distribute. Put a bucket of free UCO pens on the same table so the Delegates can use her flyers for scratch paper.

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