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Sunday, June 30, 2013

More grass means more mosquitoes means more disease

The current policy of restricting grass cutting around the CV ponds may lead to an increase in airborne bugs and the disease they carry.  I'm concerned about the news reports of an increase in diseases carried by our airborne biting neighbors and the increase in the potential for these diseases striking CV since there is more grass and thus more breeding place for the bugs that carry these diseases.

Is this a fair concern in CV?  My limited experience with wet land camping is the bugs bite worse around high wet grass than anywhere else.  Should I be worried?

I'm also concerned when I see the grass encroaching on the ponds and connecting streams.  My guess is this is a more serious problem since CV started admitting recycled water into our lakes.  I love the higher water levels and the beautiful view.  It appears, however, that some of the streams may be completely encroached by the grasses growing from shore.

Are these problems that should concern me?  Can I help?


  1. Enuf with scaring people, you know that the grass is grown to protect our $millions of geotube around the shoreline, also it reduces pollutants and fertilizer which are contaminating our water.
    Congratulations to CV on becoming more environmentally conscious. No it does not cause more bugs.
    If you are not up to date on this you can read Dave's Information Forward Initiative - Shoreline Restoration - Shoreline Preservation, Engineering Report 8/20/2012.
    Since you wish to help you could get up to date on recommendations by all environmental and State agencies, PBCWUD and Florida Friendly landscaping. More info at

  2. Did you read Dom Guarnagia in the December UCO Reporter? If we do not stop the trimming of grass up to the water line - our associations could be responsible for replacing shoreline GeoTube!
    I quote Dom:

    "The method of re-establishing the shoreline chosen involved the use of a fabric tube called a Geo Tube that was filled with material from the bottom of the waterway with sod staked atop it to eliminate or at least reduce exposure to sunlight and UV rays that can shorten the life- span of the material. When the grass (sod) has been trimmed to the water’s edge, exposure was exacerbated and the decision to eliminate trimming the vegetation five (5) feet from the water. This allows the proliferation of plant life and the reduction of exposure of ‘the bag’. With time and an ongoing study, the introduction of aquatic plants should improve the visual effect. Currently, associations can request that their maintenance provider trim those plants that exceed perhaps eighteen (18) inches, but not eliminate the plants. Failure to allow the vegetative growth can result in the association’s responsibility to repair or replace, at their expense, any Geo Tube that deteriorates due to the lack of vegetative cover."

  3. Mosquitoes: PBC Health on the sidebar. Don't raise your own mosquitoes, get rid of standing water in containers outside your condo. etc read it. No concerns re long grass!

  4. I feel as a malcontent must feel when they are the only one who sees the world ending: The grass behind Dom's unit is uncut from 13 to 16 feet from the water and is up to 18" high.

    I believe in saving the environment and would be pleased to quietly say "thank you" if the grass were cut as Dom recommended.

    I would also like to see the grass closer to the units where we sit and enjoy cut below the 9" height measured today.

    Please, I understand the need to preserve the embankments - but cutting to 12" for a width of 6' would give 95% of the benefit with only 10% of the ticks and mosquitoes (the numbers are my estimates and are for illustration only).

  5. Is anyone in touch with your maintenance co. We are nicely manicured even with cutting in the rain.

  6. I don't think this is maintennce company issue - I believe they are acting on the direction of the association. The grass near the condo just passed a foot in some places and the lakeside is encroached by at least 6' and the brush is up to 5' high.

    We could protect the geotubes without an unsightly and possibly risky mess.

  7. Sounds like miscommunication. Talk to your association, get the detail. We have a contract - grass cut 3x per month at this time and cut 3"- 4" in height. We do not have waterfront but Geotube areas would be per Dom G info.
    (When in doubt go to actual contracts, code, or bylaws. Not verbal wofflers)

  8. I spoke with the Geotube vendor. According to them, there must be a layer of sod over the Geotubes. They also said any grass above 6" will provide no additional benefit to the geotubes.

    Parts of our immediate lawn are over 1' tall near the building and approaching 5' near the lake.

    I don't mean to sound like an environmental doom, but the canals are nearly filled over - I can't really say if the bugs are worse than normal, but they seem worse near the lake.


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