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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Answer to Rants of Olga...

On the Malcontent blog, I made the exact same comment as previously posted here. She says I ranted on this blog, and somehow my so called rants disappeared from her blog... so much for her version of freedom of is my latest answer (copy and pasted here) to: Olga, your comments obviously PROVE that you read only what you want to see, or you need a new prescription... or did you happen to skip over the part about Eisenhower???? once again... get your head out and look around. There are things called History books...check them out. No one is saying not to include snowbirds...each association has a delegate and an alternate. With this in mind, that is the representative for each association. Should an association not send one or the other to the Delegates meeting, whose fault is that? Should the world stop? You are making a point that "..each Association has the responsibility to have an alternate delegate present to speak for the snowbirds. Get real Bob. Some associations are lucky to have ONE person taking interest in their association much less an alternate." It's simple....If you don't care, if you don't vote, you shouldn't complain. The only way to get anything done is to get involved. the way, I made the exact statement on this blog...word for word.

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  1. I was wrong....the comment was not removed.
    i do have one question though...why is it that I can not post on there unless it is in response to the idiocy posted by others. comment only, not post?


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