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Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Dave Israel


  1. Is it possible to suggest them to add Canadian TV channels (in French and maybe in English). As the cable cies in Canada offer almost all American channels, it is surprising that the biggest cable in USA dont do the same. The only French channel on Comcast is TV5Monde (from France at the Africa time zone!).

  2. My cable company in upstate NY has all the Canadian stations, english and french, for Canadian seasonal residents.

    Hockey Night in Canada is a bonus.

    When wifi hits the Village, you will probably be able to tell Comcast to go scratch themselves, and watch Canadian TV on your PC or Ipad. I bought an Android device that plugs into the HDMI slot on my TV for under a hundred bucks- instant smart TV.

    Unfortunately, the Comcast Infinity app will not work on TV devices, so I can't watch my Century Village channels on my NY TV, but it works fine on Ipad and Iphone. My wife just added Showtime to our CV Comcast account because it was cheaper than adding it to our NY cable account. We just have to watch Showtime on our Ipads.

  3. I FORGOT! Did we get any good info from Comcast? I am still trying to get a cable box that I can program via the internet and/or iPad. I keep losing my program guide info past a couple of days. I thought it was supposed to have 2 weeks of info.
    Who made it to the show? Can someone give us a update what the comcast representative had to say?


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