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Friday, July 26, 2013

Comcast Rip Off

I am once again fighting with Comcast over my internet bill.  It just arrived at my house at $125.00.   I was told in May that I was to get a special promotion because they had upgraded my cable to pay $17 without my consent when our box stopped working, we were given the wrong box and then we went three weeks without cable because they couldn't get me a working box.  They even charged us for a tech to come out after three attempts of putting in the box ourselves.   Now they are saying that I had agreed to upgrade my internet to double the speed so they increased my bill.   WRONG AGAIN.



  1. Wednesday Classroom C 10am - 4pm Comcast will be here. MAYBE YOU CAN GET THE REPRESENTATIVE TO HELP.

  2. We use the free cable provided by CV and are waiting patiently for CV WiFi.

    In the meantime, we get our cell phone service from StraightTalk who sells us Verizon and TMobile (two phones, two people) for about $48 each including tax. This service provides voice (not as good as Dave's .99999 reliability, but OK since we have two), text so we can hear from our kids, data, and most importantly INTERNET - all we can eat at one low price.

    If you happen to be without a contract, just call them and switch - then download the EasyTether app for free - and plug your phone into your computer.

    We find AT&T works best (you can use any provider for the same price at StraightTalk), but learned that after we bought the present Verizon and TMobile phones - they are OK and better than Combast internet on a bad day -- and they work almost anyplace in the US. /Stu

  3. Go to Verizon and look into either MiFi or one that attaches to you USB Port. It's about $50.00 a month. I use both in New Jersey then I take it to Florida. I also use it on the Auto-Train to Florida from New Jersey and back.
    It runs me $600.00 per year and I don't change any providers.
    Charlie K.

  4. Hi CaptStu,
    Comcast just raised my bill to 44.99 from 24.99 for the same Performance service at 100 mbps that is slower than DIAL UP...
    I own a T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S phone with an unlimited "everything" package. Can I connect my phone to my pc & tell Comcast to go where the sun doesn't shine? Thank you in advance, Mariel

  5. I believe this whole Comcast contract was a boondoggle. First, we were provided information that they would be upgrading us to a digital signal. Since the analog type signal was going extinct anyway, I think they gave us a snowball in the winter. I believe we should have been given, at a minimum, basic HD service not just digital since they really had no choice but to deliver a digital signal anyway. In exchange for nothing we gave up HBO. How does that sound like a good deal?


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