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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Wellington Swimming Pools

I enjoyed a lovely swim in one of the Wellington private swimming pools today.  It was cleaned this morning and was thus pristine and comfortable.

Yesterday there was a yellow/brown scum around one side of the pool - not nearly as pristine and a bit uncomfortable.

I know the cleaning folks do an excellent job and clean the pool frequently - but I couldn't help but wonder if the scum was related to the policy of keeping the rest rooms locked at all times??

I suspect that occasionally a senior citizen may use the pool at Century Village and from time to time need to use the rest room urgently.  Now that there are new locks on most of the pool fences, would it be possible to reconsider the policy of locking the rest rooms when the pools are open?  Thank you.

While we are reconsidering, how about donating the pools to UCO so they could be used by everyone, maintained by UCO, and left unlocked during the day?

As our population changes, there are fewer people using the pools and thus less advantage to preserving the pools for the exclusive use of the very few.

Thank you for considering this.  /Stu


  1. Yuck! I hope it was just algae...

  2. UCO does not maintain the any pools. The pools that are open to all are owned by WPRF and they maintain them.

  3. The Wellington pools are paid for by the Wellington unit owners. UCO has nothing to do with the pools. We just spent a large sum of money so that only Wellington residents and their guests may use the pools. I do agree that since we have the new locks it should be possible to keep the restrooms unlocked.

  4. "donating the pools to UCO/WPRF so they could be used by everyone, maintained by UCO," means all of us WILL PAY EXTRA pool maintenance repair for pools we would NEVER go to, thx for scum warning!
    I pay for shoreline and water expenses although I am not near it, PRPC is looking at my wallet, enuf!

  5. Using other associations private pools is like walking into someone's backyard. We sometimes have a problem with people that walk around and decide to hang out on our patio by the lake which is private. It is hard to explain to them that it's only a common area for our 2 buildings that paid for the nice patio and not for everyone in CV.


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