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Thursday, July 25, 2013


It seems to me that the ongoing "perpetuity" battle, and the encroachment, easement and property damage problems that are sure to come, are separate issues. As a stakeholding homeowner whose home does not abut the construction site, I have no problem paying for my share of the legal costs associated with the ongoing construction, but the "perpetuity" matter belongs to the Proactive Committee, and the homeowners who share and support their interests.

If I am going to pay an extra dollar per month, I want that dollar entrusted to, controlled, and managed by UCO, an organization which represents the interests of ALL CV homeowners, and which is accountable, indirectly through my Delegate, to me. 

The Pro Active Committee does not, in my opinion, represent my interests or the interests of most homeowners in Century Village. In fact, I believe that the Pro Active Committee, by their stubborn reliance on the "perpetuity" claim, has created an adversarial relationship between all Century Village homeowners and the developer, a condition that most of us had no hand in creating, and which will very likely force us all to spend more money on lawyers. Handing over money to this organization would be a mistake, and I support my own association's Delegate in opposing this funding in the 2014 UCO budget. 


  1. Hi Don. You may have something here. One of the original reasons behind the formation of the ProActive Committee was to oppose UCO under Dave Israel.

  2. Maybe we can take another approach? I understand the "I'm opposed" viewpoint, but, ultimately and expensively, this will not prevail.

    How about negotiating for a buffer zone outside the fence so the buildings near the property are better shielded?

    How about requesting that the entire fence be locked and all traffic to and from the CV property be via CV controlled guard access?

    How about demanding restrictions on tenants to exclude alcohol sales, gaming, and similar sales that may attract people unsuitable as neighbors?

    In short, they are going to use this land for development. If we are cooperative neighbors, we can influence the development to the advantage of CV. If we continue on our path of blanket resistance, we will ultimately be sidelined and ignored.

    Raise money to sue? Nonsense - better hire a mediation or negotiation service and work harder to be good neighbors.



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