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Monday, July 8, 2013

I know, I know...I get tired of it too.

Yes, I get tired of it too. Tired of the ranting and ravings of the Mistress of Propaganda. I have to admit though, I have to go on her site every once in a while, just to see which target has her attention for the day.... I can PROUDLY say, it's me for now. I've been called all sorts of things and honestly, have to smile. I am actually wondering when the signs will come out and the sit ins will commence, or when I'll get spat upon. How knows, maybe some people outgrow some things... Anywho... this is my latest answer to the Mistresses latest after telling me that I should be ashamed and calling me a few other things......Ashamed? What do I have to be ashamed of? Is the Mistress of propaganda going to spin her wheels again? oh but of course. Personally I don't care. TRUTH is on the side that wants to make every officer or candidate held to the same standard. If I had another home, and lived in it and came back here to conduct business as an officer, even if had a girlfriend put my name on her deed, well I am sure that Mistress Olga would be all over me like stink on a skunk. I don't care if it's the President, one of the Vice Presidents, Secretaries or Executive Board Members...We are held to a standard, and if we can not abide by that standard, then step-down. Got a problem with Truth Mistress Olga? /i> .............The Truth Shall Set You Free!, well...maybe not you.

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