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Saturday, July 20, 2013


Until now I have generally been a believer in not having all one's eggs in the same basket. For this reason I have the Comcast TV, but a land-line phone and computer connection through the phone line (AT&T--the kind allowing you to speak on the phone AND use the computer, a "faster" computer service but not the very fastest).

It's costing me a bundle each month to have this land-line AT&T service (close to $100), and my daughter-in-law and oldest grandchild are telling me I would save money by having Comcast for everything. They say that when companies like Comcast have more and more presence in a given area, they can give the best service at the lowest prices.

What would you recommend? I can of course speak with Comcast, and will, but I don't entirely trust the typical salespersons concerning add-ons, taxes, and fees, nor concerning the special deals lasting only a short while. It seems that whenever I've made similar changes in the past, no matter how thoroughly I've questioned the salesperson, the cost always ends up higher than what was quoted. It's NEVER been lower!

How have some of you made out with whatever setups you have?

I have a separate cell phone, into which I buy minutes good for a year. This works well for me. I use it only for emergencies (take it with me in the car) and when on a trip. I DON'T want to go to all cell phone use, however.

Thanks for any suggestions.


  1. I have not had a landline phone since I first got a cellphone in 2000. I lived in Queens, West Palm and rural northern NY. Never had a problem. Never got stuck with no phone. I suppose it could happen.

    My backup phone is the internet- at the moment via the MagicJack app which is free and allows me to make calls via wifi connection on my Iphone and Ipad. Also works great for phony phone calls.

  2. A note about MagicJack, I used the plugin on my laptop and callers with cell phones said the sound was impossible. I threw it away. I have Comcast cable $30, it did not play well with MagicJack, perhaps on purpose.
    I have a landline AT&T $29/mnth (presidents are responsible - POTS), with Enhanced Communications Group, ECG for longdistance. ECG around $5 because my family all have unlimited plans so we flip long calls for them to call me (they know I am frugal).

  3. My husband and I have the bundled package from Comcast. We have high-speed Wi-Fi and a landline phone. The cost for the two is $108/month and we usually do not have a problem with it. It would be cheaper when you first switch because they are always offering deals for new customers. Ours was only $86/mo when we first got it two years ago.

    Our biggest problem is that the lines in the house are going bad. We cannot use the phone jacks in the wall.

  4. Yes Elaine- the Magic Jack plugin was worse than useless. This is something new- an app that you can download onto your smartphone or tablet and make calls via wifi and internet for free. When you are in a wifi area like home or soon all of CV, you just click on the app and dial your call. No charge, no minutes used and no sound quality problems. It gives a different phone number out though, in my case a Virginia number. That is what makes it useful for prank phonecalls. Drives my Wife crazy.

    Before the MagicJack app, I used tmobile bobsled and whistlephone. As soon as they stop being free, I search for a new app. Mostly I keep it for backup and occasionally making an Ipad call.

  5. If you are talking about communications in CV, we all pay for Comcast cable monthly,for the TV, in our condo fees. I have internet service from Comcast, also, at $19.95 per month. I only pay for the time I am in residence, December to April. I have Magic Jack also so I have a land line. Magic Jack costs @ $20.00 per year when you pay for 3 years at one time. I also have a cell phone that goes everywhere with me.
    So I pay $19.95 per month for computer and $20.00 per year for Magic Jack. That's it.

  6. I sure do thank you for your suggestions. Magic Jack is a new thing to me, but that's fine. I'm glad to learn about the possibilities. Anything is much appreciated.

  7. You need to realize that there are other issues involving Magic Jack. Magic Jack will not let you call your guests in at the gate.

  8. I remember the big blackout in August 2003 when everyone was going crazy trying to make calls. Our regular corded land line phone was the only phone working. The cordless phones and our cell phones didn't work. This is the reason we keep our land line phone here in Florida with AT & T.

    We are not too keen on bundles. We have our internet, sport packages and movie channels with Comcast which we pay extra for. Remember, when you lose Comcast you lose everything. I am certain some of you with bundles experienced some down times with Comcast.

  9. The big blackout of August 2003 was up north.


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