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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Sandy Cohen's Letter to the Palm Beach Post

I have just read Sandy's letter to the Post. While I am not for building on the golf course the land does not belong to Century Village. So putting a fence on HIS property, not ours is not wrong. A fence should have gone up when Levi sold the gold course. The builder is not greedy he just want to build on HIS LAND. The quality of life will not change with development. It will if people cannot adjust to change. Sandy makes us all sound pathetic. You need help, help yourself and see what happens with the upcoming lawsuit that some have initiated.


  1. I think Grace misses the point. The current owner/builder purchased the property with the right to build/maintain a golf course for perpetuity, not a new residential community. That is what many of the folks from C.V. are opposed to.

    Such "covenants" run with the land and pass from one owner to the next. They are quite common. Those homeowners in C.V. have every right to challenge the decision of the Board that wiped out the covenant upon which many residents invested their money and future.

    They are not sick or hateful. To the contrary, they are exercising their legal rights to redress a situation they deem to be unfair. No different than the rights exercised by the owner/builder to have the covenant vacated.

  2. I did not miss the point. I never said anything about anyone being sick or hateful I used the word pathetic. Century Village owners had the option to buy the golf course when it was originally sold. We did not. Can you imagine how much we would be paying in our monthly bill had we bought a golf course that was losing money. In perpetuity has been changed before. There is a lawsuit against the commissioners. Who does Sandy Cohen want "out there" to help us? She says the fence is going up on our property. It is going up the the golf course property. Then she writes' we hear only silence from the county. The county commissioners voted and changed the zoning. They have nothing more to say. The lawsuit will decide what is next to happen. I also stated that in my comment.


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