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Friday, July 19, 2013

Good Luck

I withdraw my statement...I will not let the malcontents drive me out. they want to try to drive me and, and I was willing to go, but if I do the next person with the most votes after the last one would get in and being it was one of that group, I just can't do it to CV. Bob Rivera


  1. And that folks is why there are not enuf good people volunteering for UCO positions. I reached the same conclusion as Bob a year or two ago, but I still volunteer in minor ways as allowed by handicap. I hope you will reconsider volunteering Bob and Sadie.

  2. Bob,
    Don't let them win. I think you should reconsider resigning your positions and volunteering. Hell! This is CV , no good turn goes unpunished. Stick it out Buddy.

  3. No, it's not a matter of letting them win, they didn't in the long run. My health is more important to me and my family than dealing with petty ignorance and stupidity. I have missed one too many Doctor's appointments for Century Village.
    And I just found out these same petty people that do NOTHING for this village except make up lies, are just trying to goad me into a lawsuit. Guess thats how they make their money. Pssssst.... in case they're listening... they legally can't touch my disability pension, so they wouldn't get much. Anyway, I submitted a proposal on the blog and would value your opinion.


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