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Friday, July 19, 2013

a proposal: Renters Representation

Proposal: There are many renters living here in Century Village and they have absolutely no representation in the affairs of Century Village, yet some even come in and volunteer. Some can not afford to buy, some don't want to buy, but they still go to the shows, join clubs and do volunteer work. I propose that there be two or four people, voted by renters, to represent them in Delegate Assembly meetings and have a vote. If the assembly agrees, then the representatives could be for east/west or broken into quarters as the vice presidents. The latter would probably best, then one rep would be in each of the Vice Presidents area. This would be conducive to bettering relations with renters and make them feel like they have a part in the day to day operations of Century Village. Each of the four (4) reps would carry one (1) vote in the assembly for elections, but not eligible for office. What do you think?


  1. Bob, you may find there are 7,854 different opinions in CV! I am not enchanted with any kind of residents.
    I vote for professional management of UCO, but the first hires must be Dave Israel and Ed Black who have all the knowledge and experience already + the superb bookkeeper Marilyn L. They can hire a CAM and a few people who understand basic commercial quality and techniques. No more committees guessing and floundering around for their individual fancies (sorry). We already have the basic services contracted out.
    WPRF does a fine job. Residents need to cut down on their power. The Millennium Agreement and more power, more power for residents led us down the wrong road.
    The haters can move to Westboro, Kansas and start a new branch.

  2. less is more ---please - I'm with Elaine. Don't add to the confusion - nothing stops a renter from speaking to his owner neighbors with suggestions. As a board member, I have yet to have a renter come to me with an offer of help or suggestion to better our assoc.

  3. I think,If we don't get rid of all these assocs, CV is doomed

  4. Hi Bob, If people want a say they must buy(put their money in)and then they have an investment. Remember the owners alread have a voice by the delegates of their buildings were they have purchased and own. If renters want to volunteer that is strictly up to them. We always need GOOD - QUALIFIED people.

  5. What next Bob? In total disagreement with your suggestion.
    Should some choose to volunteer
    their time, so as to keep themselves occupied,and enrich
    their circle of acquaintances,
    that's perfectly acceptable, however,as they have no vested
    interest,they are not entitled
    to participate in the decision
    making process. I too am in favour
    of "Outside" Professional Management, and I do mean Professional....

  6. I agree with the Professional Management idea. There are too many UCO volunteers that crowd the office and confuse even basic policies and procedures. If someone wants to volunteer, there are many other places that need help in Palm Beach county--just not at UCO.

  7. For many years rentals were outvoted by building associations because it was believed that renters had no vested interest in the units and just didn't think enough to take care of their buildings -- and rightly so. Then renting became popular and I would hope that renters now take more interest. However, I believe it should end there. The unit owners with a vested interest should be the only votes and decision makers.

  8. I can see both sides of the story.

    Some renters believe that they want to help see good in the village. They also realize that if they do something that causes expenses to go up, their rent goes up. They feel that in paying their rent they are contributing in a small way. I realize this is not the case with all renters. The problem is that people only hear the bad and don't realize the good that some renters can do.

    Also, there are owners that don't care what happens. I know owners that all they want is the rent money and they don't want to maintain the property. They are just as much a liability and in some ways more of a liability than the renters.

    I also know that there are some associations that if you are a renter you are not even allowed to know what is happening in the building. If there is something happening that may cost the building money the renters are not allowed to know. There may be something they can do to help but are not aware there is an issue. The expenses of the building go up which causes the owner to increase the rent and the renter has to spend more money which they would have loved to have a chance to keep their rent down. One example is that an association may want to do some changes in the landscape. If the renters aren't aware that they want to do this, someone who like to garden may like to give their time to it or know of how to get a cheaper price somewhere. But if they are not informed, they can't help.

    I would like to see a gathering of renters that are interested to allow us to work and talk about things we can and cannot do.

  9. How about a plan to give the Snowbirds, winter residents, more of a say in the happenings and plans for CV? The winter residents, owners-- not just renters, certainly have a financial interest in CV, and would care more and want more positive things than renters. Make some changes in the UCO documents to allow the winter residents to have more input in the day to day operations!

  10. How can snowbirds or part time residents get more input than now?? This is a refrain I hear constantly. They are no different than full time residents who have to deal with CV problems here year round--and do not get the luxury of paying no attention for 9 months every year.

  11. To Elaine. You said about hiring Dave Israel and Ed Black but there is the issue of no resident can be employed by UCO or WPRF. That would have to change before Ed and David can be hired. The argument that I given for that rule being in place was that people will play favoritisms to their friends. My response is if they are caught doing that they are fired. Just something to think about.

  12. I agree with Anitra. There are some people who think renters are second-class citizens. They aren't. They are entitled to most of the privileges that owners are. They can attend meetings but just can't vote. I cringe (and often speak up) when I heard an owner at our condo association demean renters. Most of our renters care very much about the upkeep of our physical plant and grounds. Keep them in the loop about things, and they may well be a help, not a hindrance.

  13. Our VP is a renter, we appreciate common sense and year round presence. Her lack of voting power has not been a problem.

  14. Anitra, there is nothing in the UCO bylaws about not hiring village residents. However, I believe the Operations Cmte objected to WPRF so hiring. Don't get me started on cmtes with fuzzy ideas, and no preparation or research.

  15. Elaine,
    Your association must be different from all others including mine. Renters aren't even invited to meetings. If you don't include them, how are you to know their concerns? My proposal doesn't have each renter in every association voting, just one for each quadrant. Same quads as the VPs. But if you want the renters feeling like second class citizens, well, what can I say.

    Mag- has your association asked the renters for input? Most likely this is true of the vast majority.

    Renters are seen as the "untouchables". Like the Caste system, these are the lower caste, the ones no one wants around.

  16. I live in a building that does not allow rentals. Most of our unit owners don't wish to be involved. We always post dates and agendas of Board Meetings in a timely manner. 718 requires this. Everyone is welcome to attend and almost no one does. Our President is called at all hours of the day with individual problems. It seems as though they think we are plumbers whenever they have a leak. We would gladly welcome input from our unit owners!

  17. ElaineB's comment "Our VP is a renter, we appreciate common sense and year round presence. Her lack of voting power has not been a problem" has perked my interest.

    I can think of three renters in our association, all interested people and good neighbors, who would make very good officers. (In my mind) one could be VP and one could be treasurer. Except for voting, would they have the full rights of an owner-VP and an owner-treasurer? When an investigation takes place, would such a renter-officer be privy to discussions at UCO Investigations and be allowed to pick up the confidential investigation results?

  18. To Bob B, you say you want a plan to give snowbirds more of a say? You already have it. It's called a delegate and an alternate. They are your representative in all matters. You choose them. If the people you choose do not let you know what is going on, then all you need to do is choose someone else. That is an internal issue that each association must deal with. It is a matter of getting someone that not only keeps you informed, but cares enough to go to the delegate meetings. At the last meeting, it was pretty awesome to see that the delegates cared enough to stay and vote, even when two of the voters walked out after pleading for ten to walk out.
    Many were proud and stated so.

  19. Many owners seem to be against the possibility of having renters represented in Delegate meetings. Understand, that we have a lot of renters here and many want to be involved. I am not saying to give them all a vote, but for them to have a representative and give them one to four votes in the village. If the objection of giving four votes, one to each quadrant is too much for some, then maybe the consideration of having one vote as a renters association may be possible. This renter's association could also assist renters with things like having repairs made in a timely manor. This will ensure that CV doesn't have "slumlords" People with money that buy a unit with the only purpose of renting it out and making money without investing in the care of the unit and the other residents.


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