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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

feedback please - initially and since I moved here almost 5 yrs ago, I have purchased the FEMA flood insurance tho neighbors have suggested I don't need it - being from the North, I have not yet overcome my hurricane paranoia -----do I really need it? The renewal notice just arrived and zoom - the premium really increased - probably due to new FEMA flood maps ---which I have examined ---am I just really paranoid or does anyone else in CV purchase it?  Thanks to the CV branch of the Oracle of Delphi for input. 

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  1. Hi Mag,
    This issue will be addressed shortly by our insurance Chair Toni.

    It was just discussed extensively at our Insurance Committee meeting. We are aware of the new maps, and we will obtain copies soon.

    I suspect that when we have all of the data, Toni will write an article for the UCO Reporter.

    Dave Israel


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