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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Could not get in West gate without my badge last night? WHAT'S GOING ON???? I bought a transponder so that I did not have to wait in line.  Do we get a refund if you make us show our badge???  Let the auto transponder work, like they supposed to.


  1. Hi Clarence,

    We are trying to deal with some Security issues.

    Dave Israel

  2. For Security purposes, after midnight the transponder lane is
    closed at the Okeechobee Entrance.
    One must use the the "Guest" lane.
    Further info is available from
    Comm. Chair Ed Black..
    (I'm a member of that committee)

  3. I am all for security, but, find another way

  4. I recall that closing the transponder lane was discussed. I was unaware that it was approved. I think it's ridiculous!


  5. Security is asking all residents to help eliminate those responsible for the criminal activity in our very recent past.
    One suggestion was that some of those events were committed by our residents calling in guests, who then use the residents car to "shop the area".

    In one case, one was identified, and charged.

    This extra effort to stop criminal activity has many aspects about which we must remain silent.

    Every time we increase our efforts, complaints rise, simple because some feel mistreated. Let us hope that these efforts continue the pay a dividend in the drop in criminal activity.
    Most feel the increase delays, etc, are much better than
    Residents being attacked and possible seriously injured along with the emotional injury of such an attack.

  6. What's the big deal? So we have to show our pass after midnight. You can't put a price on safety.

  7. Such a small price to pay for added security. The fact that one such "guest" was already identified and charged is little enough inconvenience to put up with. I don't recall such a fuss years ago when the East gate was first closed at midnight to 6AM and everyone had to use the West gate for entrance.

  8. How many criminals have used the transponder lane to get in? I thought they were all just walking in and jumping the walls.


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