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Thursday, September 12, 2013


A Disgrace, Finance committee....Most people were told that the meeting would ONLY go over the budget and no changes would be made.  BUT, because so many were afraid of the delegates voting down the budget they decided to make changes at this meeting. are the ones in charge....VOTE THE BUDGET DOWN...and make every committee member sharpen their pens and their  brains....Let them start to think what is BEST for the VILLAGE.  Wake up delegates we NEED your input.   As being a resident that is away it was very frustrating NOT to be able to hear people speak...Not everyone used a mic and maybe we should invest money into BETTER mics. When a meeting is being taped NO ONE should be able to talk unless they use the MIC..Thank You......Barbara


  1. The next Delegate Assembly is three weeks away. Between then and now, the Delegates need to know what their options are, so that clear and easily understandable motions can be made.

    Can the Delegates make a motion to add or remove specific line items to or from the proposed 2014 budget?

    If so, will the successful vote on such a motion delay budget adoption?

    If budget adoption is delayed, what will be the practical and financial consequences for CV Homeowners?

    If Delegates are prevented from motioning to alter the proposed 2014 budget, then their only option would be to approve or reject the budget. If Delegates voted to reject, how long would it take for UCO to prepare a new budget for Delegate consideration and vote? Again, what would' be the consequences of such a delay?

  2. Hi don, So we would go on the budget we have or make people move a little quicker to the wishes of the delegates.

  3. Hi Barbara,

    Obviously, I am pissed about WiFI, and after watching the Finance Committee meeting, I am convinced that at least one, and possibly three of the committee members that voted to defund the project did so out of pure spite over the former golf course. People in that room were literally shaking with anger about having to give up that line item for fear of angry Delegates crashing the budget.

    In that atmosphere, committee members who advocate UCO funding for the Reflection Bay legal battle were in no mood to bow again to the will of the Delegates that elected them. Angry Delgates forced the finance committee to drop the money for PRPC. Their revenge was to zap WiFi.

    As with all things UCO, the Delegates have the final say on the matter. What I am trying to figure out is; what are their options? Must the Delegates crash the entire budget in order to compel the finance committee to honor their wishes? Or can Delegates vote to add or remove specific line items without crashing the entire budget?

  4. Hi Don, A VERY GOOD question, maybe that should be addressed to the Head of the Finance Committee...Ms. Tetro...She made the deciding vote when it was tied??

  5. How can Ms Tetro now that we know
    she no long is a resident of CV
    have any authority to address
    anything to do the the Finance
    Committee. Accoring to www.pbcgov.
    com/papa she no long is resident
    of Century Village. According to
    our ByLaws one must live at CV for
    at least nine months but when you
    write in the above web address she
    no longer lives at CV. She had to
    resign as she is not a resident of
    according to our ByLaws which states that the person has to reside at least 9 month of the year
    at Century Village and according
    to the records her main address is
    not at Century Village


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