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Friday, September 13, 2013

October Delegate Assembly- 2014 Budget Vote Q&A

The next Delegate Assembly is three weeks away. Between then and now, the Delegates need to know what their options are, so that clear and easily understandable motions can be made.

Can the Delegates make a motion to add or remove specific line items to or from the proposed 2014 budget?

If so, will the successful vote on such a motion delay budget adoption?

If budget adoption is delayed, what will be the practical and financial consequences for CV Homeowners?

If Delegates are prevented from motioning to alter the proposed 2014 budget, then their only option would be to approve or reject the budget. If Delegates voted to reject, how long would it take for UCO to prepare a new budget for Delegate consideration and vote? Again, what would be the consequences of such a delay?


  1. Great questions Don, let's have 2 Q&As see another post (thinking alike) Hope yours gets some input from the Treasurer.

  2. Hi Don4060,

    It is important to read the UCO Bylaws.
    No Committee has dispositive authority to render final decisions, else why would we need the Officers, Executive Board and Delegate Assembly.

    The DRAFT budget read out by the Finance Committee is advisory in nature, and may be altered by the Officers Committee, The Executive Board, and of Course by the Delegates.

    In fact, the Bylaws specifically provide that the Draft budget be presented to all three bodies.

    Clearly none of these three bodies are constrained to act as a "rubber stamp" for any Committees product.

    It is further interesting to note that my Admin. Assistant Pat Sealander asked the Treasurer for a copy of the latest version of the budget to present to the Officers Committee and Executive Board, the Treasurer refused to provide it; in direct violation of the Bylaws.

    Further, the Treasurer has this great secret budget on a flash drive which she uses to take data out of UCO without authorization.

    The day is coming that we will all be asked to stand up and be counted on the matter of our Treasurer, whom according to our Attorney Rod Tennyson, "must Resign"

    Dave Israel

  3. I don't understand why our Treasurer has not been told she must resign as she no longer resides in CV? Don't our bylaws say that you must live in CV 9 months of the year. She should be recalled!


  4. Joyce, its not as simple as it seems, which you will find out at meetings. Far too many people have lost their way when it is their job to lead us, they are conflicted, ignoring bylaws, misguided loyalty to friends, proving they can thumb their noses at Delegates. Very sad for the village.

    I trust our future to the 3 real worker guys:
    Bob Marshall, huge experience, memory, common sense and more.
    Dave Israel, communications, technology, experience and more.
    Ed Black, truly skilled Treasurer, money saver, technology and more.


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