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Friday, September 13, 2013

Here begins CV WiFi Q&A

21 Days to go to the Delegate Mtg when there will be a vote on the Budget and WiFi. Let's take the time for Q&A on the Blog - on all things WiFi, other post for budget questions.
We can also have a cozy meeting at UCO for Q&A, to be set up soon.
If you represent a group that has a WiFi position add it here.
* The Computer Club is pro WiFi
Ask your questions in comments  
Hi Elaine,
Here is a photo of the antenna proposed by one of the Vendors:


  1. I understand there will be an antenna tower behind the Clubhouse, what will the antenna on my building look like, or will it be inside?

  2. Has the Bid Cmte asked for more info, what is it that was not in the proposal and Comparison package?

  3. From the pool - Why do we have to buy infrastructure. Who owns it in 5 years?

  4. Hi Elaine,
    September 13, 2013 at 11:14 AM,

    The Bid Committee effort, however well intentioned is resulting in killing the project.

    I have asked many questions of both candidate Vendors, and answers are flowing in.

    It is the Delegate Assembly who will decide about this project.

    Dave Israel

  5. Hi Elaine,
    September 13, 2013 at 12:44 PM,

    We do not have to buy Infrastructure for Wi-Fi.

    This is a matter for the contract negotiation phase.

    Obviously the key factor here is maintenance; EG. when our rented cable box dies, COMCAST simply replaces it.

    Who will fix the tower and antennae on every Association if we own it.

    These are the decisions we must make.
    Input must come from knowledgeable players.

    This is a very complex endeavor.

    Dave Israel

  6. Hi Elaine,
    September 13, 2013 at 11:02 AM,

    I have placed a photo of the antenna on the main Post. This channel does not readily support imagery.

    Dave Israel

  7. The penny dropped on role of Bid Cmte. I see why in the hierachy of committees, the Bid Cmte has no part in the expert decisions required to mold the WiFi complex planning and negotiations. As you say input must come from knowledgeable players. When the work is done no doubt the Bid Cmte will look at the final contract. But this is not the time, meanwhile the $3 keeps the complex effort going. This entire effort requires best practices, serious technical knowledge, and willingness to put in the time required to bring us excellent service.

  8. ELAINE - To answer some of the questions that you asked:

    * the reason for us purchasing the infrastructure is to give us the freedom to say that we are not happy with the service that is being provided and ask another vendor to come and operate our equipment. Part of operating that equipment will be the maintenance of the equipment. If we do not own the equipment and we decide to go with someone else, we would need to bring in all new infrastructure which would take time to be installed possibly leaving us without service for a time.

    * The antenna that will be at the buildings will be like the one in the photo and will be less obtrusive than the dish antennas that we see at several buildings here.

  9. Thanks Anitra. Not many questions out there. Last one - Have there been any security concerns in Boca, with the system - not from people doing their own dumb things?

  10. a hypothetical---if the wi fi goes thru and I decide to stick with my current ISP--would there be any interference or problem for me? Also same question assuming antenna is on the roof my end of bldg. - corner - thanks -

  11. Hi Mag,
    September 16, 2013 at 10:31 AM,

    There will be no cross interference on either channel.

    Dave Israel


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