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Friday, September 6, 2013


I missed the August Finance Cmte meeting and when I tried to track down info I found it was not listed in Open Meetings list, or on the Blog or IFFI. There were no preliminary packages handed out. Fortunately the PRPC and anti-WiFi were alerted.
I thought there would be a draft budget in the Delegate's package, silly me. And no Finance minutes yet. I did get a draft budget today. Some budget packets at reception in UCO would be useful.
One surprise item is the added line for Golf Course $1/each monthly = $94,250.00
What was the Finance Cmte thinking, from what I could almost hear on the blog video they did not discuss the repeated refusals by the Delegate Assembly to fund this legal pie-in-the-sky.
Note: After the disappointment of the first $25K gone,
the Delegate Assy voted NO to 99c motion in Sept 2012, and 98c motion failed,
2013 year of donation fund raising, ok.
In August Fausto asked for an assessment - UCO refused.
Then a Molinaro motion to take $30K from 2012 budget, Delegates voted NO.
In September the Delegates voted NO to the Golf line item that had been inserted in the budget by the Finance Cmte. Although it was a majority vote it was not the required 51% of the quorum because of non-voters.
The Delegates position is clear - 4 refusals for Golf money. There are many villagers who want Reflection Bay, many who do not want to enrich lawyers, many who have been disgusted by the behavior of Proact and PRPC, and many who are furious at the Finance Cmte actions.
The next Finance Meeting date is on the Blog and you can voice opinions only. (tell me if I'm wrong)
The next opportunity for the Delegates to change a line item in the budget will be at the October Delegate Assembly.
Let's hope there is better communication and no changes of dates.


  1. The Beautification budget is slashed, how did that happen, the Beautification Cmte heard nothing at their last meeting?

  2. Hi Elaine,
    September 6, 2013 at 7:55 AM,

    I Believe it was cut by the Finance Committee at the first meeting to consider the budget.

    The reasoning was; 2013 was budgeted at 30K and only 10K was spent.
    I believe that the draft budget should be distributed well before the meetings to consider them.

    Finally, it is clear that the "golf course" line is highly problematic, and should be removed from the draft Budget, rather than risk the entire budget being crashed!

    Dave Israel

  3. Hopefully someone will make a motion to remove the 94K from the budget and the delegates will vote in the affirmative and then vote on the budget or can a motion be made to pass the Budget minus the 94K Golf Course line item. just wondering. What say Thee?

    Vote NO on any money for the Golf Course.

  4. You are so correct on your comments re the money for the golf course. What is wrong with the finance committee. Don't they follow what is wanted in the Village? Maybe we need a new finance committee, people who are in touch with the village!

  5. Hi Mike,
    September 6, 2013 at 8:54 AM,

    The Delegate Assembly has broad powers, within the law, to make such a change.

    Moving to remove a single line from the Draft Budget is a simple thing.

    Dave Israel

  6. Yes, the the Delegates said NO to the Golf Course fight. Some of the UCO Finance Committee members did not seem to hear that and tried to undo the will of the Delegates (this has happened in the past at UCO Committees). Folks, the Golf Course is LOST. Do not waste more money on this.

  7. Hi Elaine, I thought the Beautification comm. was keeping what was left over and adding more to make a BEAUTIFUL new entrance....what happen????


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