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Monday, September 30, 2013


Hi all Delegates and Residents
Wi-Fi is now in your hands!
Accompanied by an incessant flow of nonsense  by a few Malcontents, the Finance Committee voted to kill all funding in the 2014 UCO Budget for Wi-Fi. This despite some 1500 favorable surveys filled out by our Unit Owners!
The draft line item of $3.00/month/unit; along with the 188K which will be in the kitty at year end,  would have allowed the Wi-Fi project to go to contract, installation and operation in calendar year 2014.
The deployment of Wi-Fi would have allowed thousands of devices, to include desk-top computers, Lap-tops, Tablets, Kindles, Wi-Fi ready telephones and medic alert devices to communicate for a cost of $3.00 per month per unit; a great savings over usual INTERNET fees of $40.00/ month or more.
VP Richland's motion is all the more ironic in light of her purported efforts to obtain benefits for the low income residents in our Village.
Wi-Fi would have allowed these very same low income Residents to communicate with children and grand-children nationally and world wide at affordable rates that are now out of reach.
It is now clear that  some of our UCO Officers have other agendas in mind than the incredible value, and services that would be added to our Village and our Residents as a result of what a project such as Wi-Fi would bring.
So, Delegates all, show up at the next Delegate Assembly, and put the $3.00/month/unit back into the 2014 budget and thus enable the incredible increase in value to our Village. At this point, only you can make it happen!
Finally, remember these Officers who voted to effectively kill your Wi-Fi project when election time comes in March.
Dave Israel


  1. dear friends and neighbors, in light of the fact that i am a proponent for the most vulnerable elderly in this village and have spent my time and energy trying to get as much help for them as i can, it seems ironic that the only item on the budget that the president singled out was the wi-fi. i also voted against the increase for the third rover and the donation for the law suit against mr. waldman. this shows how much the president cares about things he is not interested in. to call the bid committee insignificant after all that Don has done is a slap in that man's face. by the way, i was not the only vote to kill that item. there was a majority otherwise it would not have been killed.

    oh, and i am not running in march, i still have another year to serve on this term.but i ask you all to think very carefully when you cast your votes in march.

  2. I noticed that all the WiFi negative people who blathered "I don't know, we don't know" are the ones who do not bother to attend meetings. The recent WiFi meeting was 4 1/2 hrs coverage by two vendors and all the technical info you could want, plus Q&A. How shameful the Bid Committee sitting there and saying 'we don't know', I don't suppose they read the WiFi package of information either.

  3. When will this meeting be available for online viewing?
    Can a list be posted of finance committee members who supported Ms. Richland's motion to "kill that item"?

    Ms. Richland offers her "friends and neighbors" no explanation as to why she moved to defund an initiative that was affirmed and reaffirmed by the Delegates.

    There is no adequate explanation. She had the power to do it, so she did, will of the Delegates and a majority of Century Village homeowners be damned.

    Ms. Richland is part of a faction of UCO officers and executive board members who show almost palpitable contempt for the Delegates, and the Homeowners that the Delegates represent. A committee that defies the clear intent of the body that elects it is the proof of that contempt.

    This is not the first time that UCO committees have defied the will of the Delegates. Last month, the finance committee voted to include funding for the Reflection Bay court case in the draft budget, despite repeated votes by the Delegates to deny that funding (five times by my count). The only reason that the line item was removed was because the committee members realized that the Delegates are angry, and would likely vote down the entire budget to demonstrate their anger.

    In three weeks, the Delegates will have the opportunity to demonstrate their frustration with officers and executive board members who spit in the Delegate's faces every time they march into a conference room and close the door. I respectfully urge the Delegates to move for and support re-inclusion of WiFi funding into the 2014 budget.

  4. Hi Don4060,
    September 11, 2013 at 4:36 PM,

    The video is processing now.

    To the best of my memory the "Kill Wi-Fi Group" was Marilyn Pomerantz, Herb Finklelstein, Marilyn Gorodetzer, Dom Guarnagia, Phyllis Richland, and Dorothy Tetro.

    If I missed anyone, please advise and I will correct the list.

    So, since they are clearly willing to defy the vast majority of our Delegates and Residents, (1500 Surveys) what is the glue that ties these folks to abandon their fiduciary responsibility, and join the Malcontents; simple, the "Dump Dave" drive!

    Well, they need but work their side of the street until March, and we will see how things play out.

    Meanwhile, Delegates and Residents unite to reverse this move to kill Wi-Fi

    Dave Israel

  5. When Bid Cmte members say "I know nothing about ..." the least they can do is abstain from voting.

  6. Phyllis Richland,
    September 11, 2013 at 3:12 PM,

    Proponent indeed!
    Well rest assured that your actions today stabbed the very people that you claim to represent in the back.

    Your action has denied these folks the same INTERNET access available to the poorest in China and India virtually free.

    Think about this the next time you Skype audio and video with your Grandchildren.

    How can you actively seek to deny this to ALL of our Residents!

    Dave Israel

  7. Ms. Richland's work as "Proponent For the Most Vulnerable Elderly" is honorable, but completely irrelevant to this matter. There is no mention of this "office" in the UCO bylaws or in the job descriptions of UCO Vice President or Executive Board Member.

    The Delgates, representing the majority of Century Village Homeowners, have voted to add the WiFi amenity to their Community, and have indicated their willingness to pay for that amenity. It is the job of UCO Officers and Executive Board Members to make that happen. They have failed. If there are questions about the utility or viability of the project, it is their job to work toward a solution, not "kill" the project. They ran for and were elected to their jobs- now they have to do the work.

    Ms. Richland's immediate and anticipated fallback on her work with the elderly poor confirms, for me, what I have long suspected: that this UCO Officer, among others, does not trust or respect the will of the Delegates that elected her. Perhaps she considers the Delegates to be "uninformed" or "callous" toward the needs of her self- claimed constituency.

    The Delegates will have the final word on the subject next month.

  8. god bless you all and if you prevail so be it.

  9. Maybe we can figure out a way to recall Dear OLD Phyllis!

  10. As much as I hate to direct others to the ridiculous and frequently libelous "malcontent" blog, please note the friendly and like-minded online conversation currently taking place between Ms. Richland and Ms. Wolkenstein.

    Olga frequently and publicly refers to the Delegates as "dummies". This is not a uncommon sentiment among a faction of CV residents, elected or otherwise, who are active in UCO affairs.


  11. Just for the record, I asked Phyllis, my wife, if I could respond to the comments that were made about the WiFi, since I did not have an account of my own.
    First I would like to respond to Mr. Israel's comments. He refers to back stabbing the Delegates who attend the meeting that voted in favor of the WIFI initiative. The problem that I have with this statement is two-fold. Where is it written that an elected official of UCO is required to cast their vote for an issue they feel is inconsistant with their views. Secondly, you refer to the will of the delegatges. This assusmption is based on the fact that a majority of the delegates support the WIFI cause. I would like to remind the president that there is a bit of a flaw in this assumption. One of the key requirements to being a delegate in a representative democracy is to survey those who have given them the authority to cast a yea or ney on issues up for consideration so that the delegate truly represents the will of their association. In reality, most delegates attending these meeting cast their vote without advice from their association. I wonder how much support for the WIFI there would be if all the residents cast their vote for this program. As far as the poor people in China and India having WIFI, Dave, you first have to have the money to buy a computer to be able to use it. Perhaps the Chinese and Indian governments subsidize the payments for the use of WIFI for those poor souls who live on farms or work in factories making designer sneakers or clothing for the American market.

  12. Some one once remarked that to really get to know some one is to walk in their shoes, experience the world through their eyes. "Feel their Pain" as one of our former presidents sagely remarked. The government has often taken the position that they know how to spend you money better than the individual who gives it to them. This seems to be the prevailing view in this case. How about stepping back in time to the "Great Depression" period of the 1930s. There was a vast number of unfortunates that, because they had little or no income to sustain their lives, were forced by necessity to make some harsh choices on what to spend their meager resources on.
    That was 75 years ago. Many of us have become "comfortable" in the financial sense. However, poverty and financial stress is still with us. It becomes very easy for those of us who could shrug off an additional $3 dollars a month for the WIFI service. I am one of those people. To use a phrase that is in vogue now, all this comes with unintended consequences. There are people in the Village that really cannot afford an additional expense. Their lives are tragic and difficult enough just trying to make ends meet. Minimum Social Security does not go very far. So if Phyllis comes to the conclusion, based on her inherent compassion and involvement
    with these unfortunate villagers, and decides to consider this issue when casting her vote, so be it. When you feel you are right in what you do, than nothing and I mean no sticks or stones or words will dent her resolve.

  13. My next response is to Don. Who, based on his assessment of the issue should be give the title of Mr. Sherlock Holmes of Century Village. He feels that the "game is afoot." He now has a suspect in his sights. Phyllis has been anointed as "callous" and regards our delegates as "uninformed" so their views should be ignored. You say that there is no mention in the UCO bylaws for what Phyllis does above and beyond representing her sector. You are right. However, how many people come into the UCO office to ask for help in resolving problems. How would feel if you came into the office and asked for help and the person you talk to tells you, “I am sorry I cannot help you because its not written in the UCO bylaws”. People are elected to UCO because they are perceived to be not only capable but they very often think out of the box. A real person of substance and compassion, does not dismiss those who come to them for help because what is asked of them is not in the UCO by-laws. They help! Yes, they do what ever they can to assist. Phyllis’s' reward for this is a hug, a good cry, and I thank you for helping me. Its just what she does.
    My suggestion to you Don is run for office. Get involved from the inside. Perhaps your myopic views about what Phyllis has done as a V.P. for the past 15 years will come into focus.

  14. To Mike:
    Do it. I will give you my thanks. I then would have the pleasue of Phyllis's company. Now that's what I call a real treat. Great gift for me but a huge loss for UCO

  15. Don do you know the definition of civility. Why shouldn't Phyllis have a give and take with Olga. It a real treat for both of them when two highly intelligent people communicate. Oh, by the way Sherlock, have you, at any time found any communication between Phyllis and Olga or in fact any one else where Phyllis referred to some individual or group as "dummies" or uninformed. Again, your "gray cells" are not computing properly

  16. Mr Richland, you misunderstand me. This is no "game". Basic Internet service from Comcast currently costs 480 dollars a year. I am hoping to lose that bill sometime in the near future. If I am forced to continue to pay that bill, when there is a cheaper alternative available, I will blame the people in that committee room who are responsible for my extra expense. That includes Ms. Richland.

    I currently pay ATandT 140 dollars a month for two Internet-capable smartphones. With a WiFi Century Village campus, I can buy similar service from another carrier for 40 dollars. That is 1200 dollars a year additional savings that I will miss out on because of spite voting in the committee room. Ms. Richland made a motion that may result in costing me nearly 1700 dollars a year. If I did something that cost you 1700 dollars a year, would you not be sore at me?

    Internet service, and Internet-connected devices are not discretionary spending for my Wife and Me. Our living depends on them. As much as I respect your Wife's self-appointed role as "Proponent of the Most Vulnerable Elderly", I wonder who is my "proponent" in that committee room? Not Phyllis, that's for sure.

  17. I wrote last night on the CV Blog
    about WiFI and now I will repeat
    myself. I consider having WiFi and
    allowing our Association Delegates
    to vote on how they feel. I disagree with having the delegates
    giving the right to vote yes or no
    for their Associations. Where I live our delegate is completely
    against WiFi for she does not own
    a computer a I phone, etc and will
    definitely vote NO. I feel like
    voting for the WiFi is like voting
    for the President of the USA. Every registered voter has the right to vote for which candidate
    they want for their President of the USA which should be the same
    for every unit owner at CV. I know
    a very simple way that this can be
    done. Every delegate of their
    Association have the Officers of
    their Assn have two boxes which will allow every unit owner to put
    their vote in the YES BOX OR THE NO
    box and have the Officers of their
    Association make out a voting card
    which every unit owner will fill out their name, unit address and
    either click yes for WiFi or no for
    WiFi. After all Assn unit owners
    have voted the Officers of I believe there are 309 Assn get together at a meeting and have two
    boxes and the way they voted the
    yeses go in the yes box and the no
    votes will go into the no boxes.
    Then the four Officers of CV will
    make a date and vote the votes for
    yes we want WiFi and vote the votes
    for then no's we do not want WiFI.
    I make this statement for the Assn
    that I live in. I know that the
    delegate where I live is definitely
    vote no for WiFi for she does not
    own a internet and has told all of
    us that she will vote NO. I did a
    survey of the Assn where I live and
    the unit owners who are living here
    13 of them told me they want WiFi.
    I have not idea what the snowbirds
    feel about it but as it stand now
    for we have 3 building totalling 24'unit owners and if the 13 keep
    their word to me and we make it that every unit has the right of
    voting my Assn will show that the
    majority of our unit owners want to
    have WiFi but if it is left to our
    delegate their vote will be no we
    don't want WiFi. Do you feel like
    like that is fair absolutely NO.
    I am praying that any Assn delegate
    does not have the power to cast their vote for their Assn for it
    should be that every unit owner have the right to vote their choice
    like we do when we vote who we want
    to be the next President of the USA


  18. Sorry your wife doesn't spend enough time with you,maybe she should reassess priorities and resign Her UCO Office.

  19. WiFi and the Holy Grail
    Hope will rise again

  20. Phyllis is to be commended for
    the wonderful amenities she has povided for the elderly and less fortunate over many years. However, she should consider what Don has said about losing out if WiFi does not go through.

    He and the rest of us who pay steep monthly prices for Internet service will be penalized. Had it not been for Judge Poulton who ruled that CV will provide and pay for transportation as a common expense, these less fortunate unit owners would not be riding buses that are heavily subsidized by the community. I know because I appeared in court before the Judge when he heard the case and approved of the assessment.

    CV was not meant to be a low income community and if anyone can't afford to live here, they can't afford to live anywhere considering all it has to offer. You cannot always pick and choose. Coming into the 21st Century with WiFi should not be fought. It is a valuable asset in many ways.

  21. Hi, Let me start with how sorry I am that I moved into CV well into the internet debate. Since I'm a "Johnny Come Lately" it isn't fair to be critical of the excellent work the WiFi committee has done to get us to the point where we are ready to award a contract.

    The issue here isn't the technical feasibility or excellence of the design. I think, having years of Telcomn company WiFi experience, that the straw-man design is fine, economical, and likely to work acceptably. I'm less comfortable with the support plan. The same people who have economic issues with the $3/month, are less likely to be able to configure and operate the WiFi adapter - a non-trivial task if the adopted design is as represented in this blog.

    All this, and any unsuspected technical issues can be worked out.

    The interpersonal issues that seem to so broken our CV administration are a much a more serious problem. I struggle to read both sides of the issues and can't imagine what and why the malcontents are thinking.

    Resolving the stupidity of fighting among ourselves is far more serious than the technical decisions involved in WiFi. Surely we can find external professional help that will assist our leadership in the process of behaving as adults.

    In the meantime, since the current CV WiFi proposals may expire before the interpersonal issues are resolved, I suggest the CV committee view the Beacon model of doing business: The system is installed and operated at no cost to the community. Every user who wants WiFi individually subscribes to the Beacon service (there are a number of competing services, but Beacon set up the idea). CV's role would be to negotiate a price and a service level agreement and assist the vendor in contacting the homeowners in CV. The result would be a competing, and hopefully cheaper, internet service based on WiFi technology and an architecture similar to that designed by the CV straw-man WiFi committee. Since there is no cost to CV (although each user would pay more than the CV model and hopefully less than Comcast), we might be able to avoid some of the political issues.

    I am not second guessing the CV committee - their solution is cheaper and technically better - but the Beacon model would get CV WiFi service and work around the malcontents objections.

    Hopefully CV will use the money already collected in promise of WiFi service to hire an external expert of some sort to help fix the mis-management caused by the friction between the administration and the malcontents.

  22. Stu have you looked at the content of the malcontents, there isn't any. They are an Insult Club that gets some sick satisfaction from bugging Dave while he does so much work for us. They take advantage of knowing Dave will not sue them. UCO needs productive people, malcontents are completely counter productive. They spread misinformation but their power is only pretended, full of hoots and giggles when they disrupt business.
    Then there is PRPC. The Finance Cmte is clearly either friends or intimidated by PRPC. They are intimidating because they believe their scenarios. Enuf said.
    Have faith in the reality of the Delegate Assembly.

  23. Stu, the vendor will program our routers, and a USB adapter is usually an easy plug in. Current computers, laptops and mobile devices have wireless cards built-in so adapter is not needed. I do not know where your difficulty lies. Are you at WiFi meetings they are excellent.

  24. I concur with Ruthphild’s comments noted above. The installation of WiFi has brought C.V.W.P.B to a crossroads to determine what type of community Century Village is and is going to be. Is it a retirement village of condominium owners or are we a village of renters and subsidized housing for the poor? We can’t be both.

    While I can understand Ms. Richland’s concern for the elderly poor among us, I can also understand the position of other bloggers who opine if a resident can’t afford an additional $3.00 common charge, they have much greater financial issues than an increased user fee.

    The recent metamorphosis of our Village does not bode well for us. Increased renters are present, many of whom have failed their background checks. Despite UCO’s warnings, condo corporations have allowed many of them to occupy units. Few, if any, meet the financial requirements of owners. Yet, this does not seem to be a problem. It is not coincidental burglaries and larcenies from autos are on the rise. Such events seldom, if ever, happened before.

    So, what type of Village are we? If we are one that will cater to folks who can’t afford $3.00 more a month for wifi, then maybe we should consider further reducing all the other amenities we have at C.V. to further reduce the burden on the folks who live here. If not, then we should allow the progress of this Village to move forward. Those who wish to help other should do so at their own expense and not at the cost of such a progressive program that will enhance and uplift the lives of the other C.V. owners.

  25. There is one particular PRPC member who, at every meeting, loudly and frantically shouts her dire predictions of the future, should the Reflection Bay project be completed:

    "The new units WON'T SELL, and will be filled with SECTION EIGHT RENTERS!!!!"

    "Century Village will become a SLUM, for POOR PEOPLE, and CRIME WILL FOLLOW!!!!"

    "It will be just like the BRONX after CO-OP CITY was built!!! THOSE PEOPLE will be living HERE!!!"

    "Why would you not want to pay TWO CENTS PER DAY to protect OUR LIFESTYLE!!!"

    Putting aside the hysterical and vaugely racist nature of these outbursts, this well-intentioned lady has a point.

    The problem is, the future is already here.

    According to Phyllis Richland, Century Villige is already crammed with desperately poor, cat food eatin' old people. She says so at every public opportunity.

    The anticipated crime wave is already here, and the cause, as predicted, is inside the Village. Barbarian hordes are not scaling the five foot wall behind the Deli to steal our stamp collections and flat-screen TV's- they are driving through the gate with guest passes. We are beginning to feed off ourselves.

    If you are a resident with a five or ten year occupancy horizon, this is not a problem. You dump your unit and split for Boca. But if you like it here and want to stay, you have some work to do.

    Our buildings are old- but they are very well designed and made. They are remarkably energy efficient, considering that they were built when energy was practically free. And, let's face it, the price is right. Our infrastructure is old too, but regular upgrades keep it all working.

    The best feature of Century Village, the thing that keeps bringing in new people year in and year out, are the amenities. Like the buildings and infrastructure, upgrades are key. But our amenities also need to change with the tastes of the people that use them. When I was a kid, my Grandmother went up to the Kent Pool to do the laundry. It was a good idea in it's time. Laundry time was social time, and central laundries were easier for the developer to maintain. In the eighties, Homeowners wanted in-building laundries, and, building by building, the new amenity was provided.

    WiFi is the new amenity that people want. If a prospective resident asks about it, and all we can do is show them the handball court behind the Clubhouse, those people will move on. Then the only new people that will move here are the ones who have no other choice.

    Then it will be time to split for Boca.

  26. Hmm, Boca CV already has WiFi from the same company we like.

  27. I think we need to have people in UCO that are forward thinking and thinking about the middle class people that are still living here. Century Village was built as a middle class community. We need vice presidents and officers who remember that. I will not vote for any of those who voted to kill wifi. They did not listen to the will of those who sent back the forms and wanting WiFi. Thanks to them we keep from moving into the 21 century. Wifi is just about everywhere outside the Village.

  28. Don4060

    Everytime I read one of your post
    I seem to always agree with you.
    If Ms Richland is going to resign
    I suggest that you run for her
    position that she says she is
    going to resign. I am pleading with
    you to run for a position of our
    Officers and if you agree with me
    I will do all I can to make you a
    winner. You post very common sense
    and Ms Richland being good friends with the worse resident who lives
    in CV named Olga has so much hatred
    for the best President I have
    witness since I moved to CV showed
    me how wrong I was regarding Phyllis for anyone who believes
    all the BS that Olga talks about
    doesn't know the GOOD from the
    BAD. Don I beg you to give my
    suggestion serious thoughts. In
    reading your post I find you to be
    a very intelligent person.

  29. Hi Nutmegger,
    September 15, 2013 at 11:50 PM,

    An excellent idea indeed!

    Dave Israel

  30. Hello Nutmegger- thank you for your nice words. I am a "snowflake"', but plan to make the move to permanent residency in 2014.

    No one is a bigger booster of CV than me- I am a third-generation homeowner and a "baby", relatively speaking. I plan to stay for a good long time- my strong advocacy of wifi, improved infrastructure, good government and development of the surrounding neighborhood is simple nest-feathering. Any initiative that will improve, ease, or secure my own quality of life is OK by me.

  31. For those who want to have WiFi in the village to bring us into the 21st century there are 6 people to vote out of UCO at the next election. Phyllis Richland who was instrumental is bringing the vote to kill Wifi, Herb Finkelstein, Marilyn Gorodetzer, Marilyn Pomerantz, Dom Guarnagia and Dorothy Tetro who does not live in the village. We need forward thinking people who will bring the village into the 21 century. Better still, they should all resign!

  32. Grace:

    I agree with you regarding who we
    should not reelect but I would
    love to add and say I believe you
    would be an excellent Officer.
    Please think hard about it and I
    know you will do a lot to make CV
    a great gated community to live.

  33. The Delegate Assembly has rejected giving anymore money to the Pro Active committee FOUR TIMES. Yet they managed to put it in the budget then had the line item rejected. Of Course that gave Olga and her friends even more reason to go after WIFI and David Israel. They see Dave, the blinders go on, and automatically will reject anything he tries to do for the sake of the Village. They even admit that it is a "good idea, just not now". Why is that? So they can try to take credit for it later on? Whatever.
    Fact of the matter is, WIFI is not a good idea, it is a GREAT idea. If you go out and buy a new TV or a dvd or bluray player, they all have WIFI now. It opens all sorts of entertainment doors. Netflix, Hulu Plus, Pandora, YouTube and many more. Some free, some with nominal fees.
    Then there is the computer access, access for tablets, phones, smartphones and those little "Help me I've fallen down and can't get up" buttons you wear around your neck or wrist.
    I just love some of the idiotic suggestions given by Olga at the meetings. She suggested if the people who want WIFI "dig deep into their pockets..." "let them pay for it". To that OVERLY IDIOTIC statement, I say, sure... we'll pay for it, but then when we have WIFI and you decide you want it, then would YOU be willing to pay an initial fee to get on it along with the monthly fee? Probably not. then she would most likely want to be included because it is there. Or get one of her friends to give her the access codes to get the service without investing in it. That, In other words, means steal it.
    The WIFI line item that was removed NEEDS to be RESTORED by the Delegate Assembly. Especially since it was removed by the tie vote being broken by our treasurer, who should NOT even have the right to vote since she is domiciled in Cypress Lakes and not Century Village... and please, before you start, go online and check with the county property appraiser.

  34. For all those forward thinking delegates I ask that you vote for WiFi at the next Delegate Assembly. Remember Wifi is a selling point and buyers do ask if the building has Wifi. When Olga votes NO she does not say that her building has Wifi, as I am told. Remember $3.00 per month is better than the $50.00 that most of us are paying. Help put the Village into the 21st Century. Vote for Wifi.

  35. I too am most firmly in favor of
    WiFi...however, we have a larger
    problem here..A Budget,proposed by
    one, who is in violation of one of
    the Bylaws,which the majority of
    this Community is aware of..namely
    where one "Domiciles"..Should this
    become a non issue, then by all means, change the by law, but until
    that time, they must be adhered to.

  36. Betty, you are so right, moreover, her vote to take WIFI off the budget should not count at all.
    I hear she is looking for a rental in order to attempt compliance but just renting a place and living in another still does not make it your place of domicile. It should raise some MAJOR flags when someone is handling so much money, and is willing to pay for the privilege.

  37. Not for nothing- I counted 8 or ten smartphones in use in the first four rows tonight. Until show started, people were using the free time to update emails and words w/ friends on the Clubhouse WIFI. The demand is there.

  38. Bob:
    Regarding rental, rumors,no doubt,
    however,County documents & common
    knowledge reflect co ownership in
    Oxford Colony,in addition to Cyprus Lks. HOWEVER,the issue here
    is violation of UCO's Bylaws..
    No Letter of Resignation or Appeal
    has been submitted to continue in
    Office, until expiration, which
    indicates "Disrespect" to each &
    every Delegate, who in turn represent YOU, the Unit Owner!

  39. Very well put BettieL, who would have thought we could have an Officer that disregards the Bylaws and the spirit of the Bylaws, and all respectful behaviour.


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