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Sunday, September 29, 2013

If the delegates who represent the people can't change the budget to add or take out and vote on it,   Then it is time to VOTE THE BUDGET DOWN  let the officers and committees go back to the drawing board and sharpen their pencils and brains. A side note...I pay 30.00 approx for internet. Some people don't have internet because of this cost. Many children would love to give their parent or parents a tablet or some other form of communications.  But, the parents know they can't afford this amount per month.  But, with wi-fi we can all enjoy talking and seeing  our families for a fraction of this cost per month.We need to think about what $3.00 for wi-fi can really save us in the long run.  THINK HARD AND CLEAR...


  1. A great point Barbara. We pay even more for Internet. A small malcontent group has driven CV to this point of great distraction. I am not looking forward to Fri Oct 4th, but will go to try to beat back the crazies.

  2. Barbara, why don't you bring up to add the $3.00 back into the budget at the delegates meeting. The delegates already voted for wifi I am told. I just can't remember which meeting.

  3. Hi Grace, I would be delighted to bring it up but I think a delegate has to make this motion which I am NOT..

  4. Grace:
    Regretably this is not the time
    for any additions or removals...
    by the Delegates, as the Budget
    prepared under our current Treasurer, is ILLEGAL. I, as the
    Treasurer & Alternate Delegate,
    cannot in GOOD conscience.recommend
    my Assocition approve any document
    by any Officer,who is in violation
    of the By Laws, in place, at the
    time they became an Officer/Ex Bd
    Member, etc.

    Bettie Lee Bleckman,
    Treasurer of Chatham M


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