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Saturday, October 5, 2013


Well I guess my earlier post opining that we, as a community, must decide whether we are a middle class retirement village or a low income housing project has been answered in an unambiguous manner. We are the latter! That does not bode well for our future as a community. If there is a majority belief an additional three dollar per month fee for an innovative upgrade such as wifi is too costly and oppressive for many of our residents, there is little hope we will ever move forward from this point. Notwithstanding the delegates’ decision on this matter, I am equally disturbed at the lack of concern over too many Condominium Boards ignoring UCO’s recommendations and placing renters who are criminals and deadbeats among us. I don’t think that any owners (excluding absentee owners) signed up for such a scenario to exist. But, that is where we are in 2013. Unit values near an all time low; residents who can’t afford an additional three dollars per month on common charges; absentee landlords filling their units with renters who otherwise could not qualify to live here. Where do we go from here? Do we start closing the pools? The clubhouse? Open up a Section 8 office on campus? There are still many good things here in C.V. But, the underpinnings that have kept C.V. safe, clean and a great place to own a unit are quickly eroding. It is truly unfortunate.


  1. The Budget "Defeat" was NOT entirely due to the cost factor,
    1 was the "legality" of the document, 2nd, was "insufficient
    information" re WI FI..Use of
    Fnc'l hardships, will always gain
    "Sympathy"..Do agree Association's
    bear responsiblity of whom we will
    encounter & some have excersized
    extremely poor judgement!

  2. I don't agree that units near an all-time low because I could have gotten much more than I did when I sold one in 2002. I find that units are selling for more now than they have in the past few years, except for those that are in abominable condition of which I saw many when I was buying in 2012 -- However, I do agree that CV was never meant to be a low income community. WiFi would elevate this community considerably as seen by prospective buyers.
    The other problem of allowing undesirables in is in the hands of the bldg. associations that must take more care in approvals. I think the time has come when buyers should ask who is living in the bldg. where they are interested in buying for their own protection. It's as important to them as it is for the bldg. association.

  3. I believe that the section office is already here. Phyllis Richland handles it and says that 35% are welfare or food stamp people. I believe that associations must follow the rules when allowing people to buy and owners when renting should make sure that the renters can afford to live here. I also think that the associations need to be able to make sure that owners are accepting people who can afford to live here.

  4. I am very glad that I live in Wellington and we do not allow renters except that once in a lifetime you may rent your apartment. As for Wi-Fi I personally think the time is now! We have younger people moving in and they are accustomed to getting on line wherever they are. I realize that more information is needed but money is needed to gather information. I also agree that we must not become a low income community. Yes I feel empathy for those who have financial difficulties but I don't think a small amount of elders should keep the village from moving forward. Are we soon to become an assisted living community?

  5. I am glad to see that others share my concerns. The rental problem in CV is the eight hundred pound gorilla in the room.

    I have stated many times before that a renter should have no less rights than an owner but no more either.

    If we are uniform in the application of standards for both ownership and rental we can avoid the catastrophe that is fast approaching. Instead, we are turning a blind eye to it with the hope associations will pay their fees with the monies earned from renters. I have said it before, renters are not the answer to C.V.'s problems. Instead, they will do more to discourage buyers than just about anything else.

    Who is going to buy a unit here, other than absentee "slumlords", if their neighbors have no proprietary interest in their units.

  6. I applaud Phyllis concern with people who are in financial straits but that concern doesn't belong in Century Village. We are a middle class retirement community and to live here you must be able to support yourself and be progressive. To live here comes with a price and it doesn't mean that you have to support others .financially
    It might be cruel to say but if you can't support yourself and the adjustments that go along with condo living then you need to move on.
    I for one am in a 100% support of WiFi. It's something that needs to come into the village. Three dollars a month is a small price for benefits it will add to the village. I sorry that some people ,like Phyllis doesn't see that.
    If we allow this not to happen then the village go down hill. You can stop progress as much as some people in here want too.
    I think the by laws need to change. Example the budget be adopted between January and March . Plus every owner vote individually. Some of these delegates vote
    for themselves and do as they dam well please and disregard the majority of what the association wants.The voting process needs to be changed. Most of the snowbirds don't get to vote on the important issues whether you agree or not. This has got to change for the village to move on.
    But the main thing is that the bickering has got to STOP or the village will never survive .


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