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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Please open the "transponder" lane 24 hours

Why is the "transponder" lane closed again????????????  Why do we have it, IF, it is not safe??  Where is this list of names of people not wanting it open at night?  Has anybody seen it?  Is anybody on it?  Can't we put it to a VOTE??  Can I sit at the gate at night and ask the people who are coming in at that time to vote on it?  Can I get a half off on my transponder, if, I only use it half a day?

Can a officer motion for this be put to a vote????????



  1. Well Clarence, I am reasonably sure that the next time that I leave Century Village after midnight, I will not have to worry about getting back in.

  2. Hi Clarence,

    I think the Officers most recent vote was to close it from 12 midnight to 5am.

    Dave Israel

  3. I just know that whenever I come in there's ALWAYS a line, waiting to get in. I guess a lot of people are trying to come in after midnight.

  4. Maybe we need new officers. Am I not the same person coming in after midnight as I am during the day and before midnight. This is a stupid rule, makes no sense at all.

  5. The reason for closing down the automatic lane was to see if it reduced the crime in the Village, which had spiked for a short period. I think VP Gluszak pushed for this. Obviously from what Dave says above, a majority of the CV officers finally went along with the idea. Well, crime has gone down now from what I heard at the last delegate's meeting, but how on earth do you know--without some inside information that hasn't been revealed--if it is attributable to having closed down the automatic entry lane? And even if it was attributable to this, if the miscreants have been apprehended, do we continue to close down the lane forever?

  6. Larry, This was not the reason for closing down the lane, from what I heard. I have not heard of anyone being coming in via that lane.

    The reason we have less crime and that we have more patrols of the police in here.

    I have heard that we have been able to stop people with fake id's coming in, but, no fake transponder's

    Thank you Grace for your comment!

    The transponder either works or not?????

  7. According to the Detective, one of the burglars was a prostitute/drug addict who was being allowed to occupy a unit by a resident, who initially described the young lady as a "caretaker". This was reported at the November Delegate Assembly.

    So she had keys, possibly a transponder, and gate access. At any rate, she wasn't climbing the Wall.

  8. So maybe having a human Security Guard eyeballing late night entrants is not such a bad idea.

  9. Don4060k so if she had a transponder, all that needed to be done was to turn off HER Transponder and/or revolt HER gate pass. Problem solved? The rest of the people can still come and go.
    I AM NOT a prostitute/drug addict who was being allowed to occupy a unit by a resident!


  10. You look OK to me Clarence- and I take your point.

  11. I thought that after the Officers voted that it would come to the Executive Board and then the Delegates. Haven't we done things that way in the past? Seven people were allowed to dictate rules for the village!

  12. I give up. I brought it up and I don't see anyone else complaining.

    I don't want anyone quitting their job over it.

  13. Security Comm. voted it down, twice
    Strongly suggest you contact chair
    of that Comm. (Ed Black) who will
    provide you with "The Facts" as
    they exist & not someone's perception, often offered as "Facts"
    As for the reduction in crime, due to the ongoing PRESENCE of
    PBSO,(visable & undercover)
    Transponder lane should be available at all times..I can
    find more worthwhile "Charities"
    to DONATE my money to!
    Exec. Bd & Security Comm.member

  14. Maybe (Ed Black will comment on here??

  15. As I often can be awake at all hours, I sometimes will go out after midnight and find it a pain to have to go out one gate and in another. having the transponder lane closed is also an inconvenience. I paid for a transponder and expect the lane to be open.
    I doubt that the closure of the lane influences the crime rate whatsoever. If a crime is committed, the cameras in place at the gates should be helpful to PBSO to see who came in or out the gates. right?

  16. Honk your horn twice whenever you come in the gate to show that we the people want the transponder lane oper 24 hours


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