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Friday, November 1, 2013


Today's Delegates Meeting was refreshing.  No name calling or disruptions.  The 2014 Budget was passed without the usual noise.  It was a a great departure from what was expected based on recent history.

I hope future meetings can be conducted as well.

Thanks to all.


  1. A few well-placed absences did the trick, and we all got the treat!

  2. Hi all,

    Bringing in two PBSO deputies also helped.

    Dave Israel

  3. The PBSO presence can be very intimidating.

  4. In the 10 years going to delegates
    meetings this absolutely was the
    best conducted and thank you David
    for the two PBSO deputies that you
    thought of being present at this
    meeting. I am also delighted in
    that we will have WiFi and that the
    2014 budget also was approved.

  5. T'was the best meeting of the last ten years (The Nutmegger) and I missed it. So sorry! But totally delighted that the budget was passed and that we will have WiFi. Thank you one and all for your dilligent work.

  6. I must agree, it was "Refreshing"
    to see Adults, finally behaving
    as Adults...of course the presence
    of the 2 duputies, in my opinion
    made it possible. A consideration
    for future meetings, which may have
    "delicate" subjects?(discussion/vote)

  7. I did not notice PBSO, but the absence of personal problems (mostly) WAS A RELIEF, like "Somebody done me wrong" spanning the last 12 years. And performances of "Nyah, nyah, UCO was wrong...." followed by blaming, whining etc.

  8. I have nothing more to add to the previous comments except to say how wonderful it was to have a quiet calm meeting. Very glad the budget passed. I'm looking forward to wi-fi in my future.

  9. It was. It was a RELIEF to finally have a meeting without the discord. I had forgotten one could actually feel GOOD after a delegates meeting. Has the tide turned?

  10. Yeah Lanny, the tide has come in. A snowbird tide. But in April, the tide will recede, and the nonsense will start all over again. The UCO calendar needs to be changed, by whatever means, so that all significant business, including the budget, is conducted and decided between Nov. 1 and May 1. This is when the majority of CV stakeholders are in residence and can make their preferences known, either directly through Delegate voting or indirectly through personal contact with Delegates.

    Like it or not, CV is a seasonal community. Any action taken or decision made out of season is unfair to the seasonal resident majority, who pay their bills just like everyone else, and have proven, year after year, to be a moderating force in UCO affairs.

  11. Hello Don4060. Your comments are right on. Being a snowbird myself, I was hesitant about expressing my views. CV is a wonderful place ! But like so many things,one has to take some distance to appreciate it. One cannot appreciate fully the Great China Wall, if your nose is on the wall. Have a nice day ! Andre Legault

  12. Wow.....What a great meeting for a change. First time in forever. Really looking forward to WiFi

  13. I was quite upset when I realized I'd have to miss the meeting. I'm elated and so pleased that all went well. A plus for anyone missing the meeting is the fact that it's on the blog. How great that is. Whether or not the presence of PBSO helped keep the meeting what it should be, is immaterial.Thank you delegates for having a properly done meeting. And David, a special thanks to you.


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