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Wednesday, December 18, 2013


At this time of year, when many of us entertain friends & relatives from outside of our community
who in passing various locations comment on the appearance of buildings..particulary one on the
main road, who I would imagine has the building's consent  to display a banner, promoting a
candidate for Office....What if every building within choose to display their political choices?
Unlike one's private home, where one can display their preferences, providing it meets community,
 town or state standards, this outlandish practice should be abolished .
To my knowledge no standards are in effect for Our Community....don't you think the time has come
to establish one?  All comments welcome...


  1. Hi Bettie,

    This is what happens when a Board runs amok ( or the President ) in total disregard for their own Bylaws.
    They do not give a hoot for their own building nor for the Village.

    Imagine what happens if they get into Office??

    Dave Israel

  2. Add to that the once banned "For Sale" signs in windows of units deemed to be tacky. Signs and banners do not project the image we should want for the Village.

  3. I agree, but since the crazies from the other blog put up the banner, appealing to reason will not work.

  4. Let us hope that it has the opposite affect that they are hoping for, I would not vote for anyone who blatantly allows by laws to be broken. Esther obviously doesn't care. That goes to show what kind of president she would be.

  5. I would like to put up a banner on my building inviting all Korean War Veterans to join the Korean War Veterans Chapter #17 in Delray Beach. Can I put this up if my builing says O.K.. My wife would kill me. Nothing belongs on any building for political or personal buiness.
    Charlie K.

  6. There is one point omitted from the previous comments.... Buyers of apartments will be turned off when they come into the Village. Allowing the display of signs cheapens the look of CV and we certainly don't want that. Is there any Association documents that specifically okays the hanging of signs and/or banners from windows? I don't think so.

  7. These few buildings should be taken to task with PBC Code Enforcement. But the residents there don't seem to care what the crazies do.


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