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Thursday, December 19, 2013


Just read Esther Sutofsky's latest tirade against David Israel and myself.
David Israel cowering. What a load of garbage she spews. Has anyone every seen David cowering from any issue. As for a debate I heard about a possible one ages ago if Esther is willing. David debated Dan Gladstone for the last election. Why would he not want to debate Esther.  As for my writing on the malcontent blog. I guess they did not approve  what I wrote because it disappeared, Esther. I did not take it off. Your crazies did. Esther did not get the greatest ratings from Rate My Teacher. One of the remarks, "a nasty who thinks she knows it all" Not the exact words but close enough. I would not vote for Esther for dog catcher.


  1. Hi Grace,

    There are real issues as regards debate with this "candidate".

    She and her supporters have played some very divisive cards, such as accusations of crimes, Ethnicity-card, Nazi-card, Storm Troopers-card...and more. Centering a political campaign in a house of worship says it all!!

    I see no point in debating a candidate whose "new and valued friend" Ms. Wolkenstein has labeled me as a "bigoted cockroach" clearly Ms. Sutofsky concurs with this label, which appears on a public website, along with other Libel & Defamation. She certainly has not disavowed these statements.

    Add to this, that she has served on no Committees, and until recently, has not attended UCO meetings. obviously her recent appearances are for political effect only.

    This candidate is patently unqualified, and is engaging in deliberately divisive tactics, designed to divide our Village; so, unless her behavior civilizes, there will be no debate.

    Dave Israel

  2. Good points Dave. There is no reason to engage with these crazies any more than you have to at regular UCO meetings--which is way to much as it is!

  3. IN TOTAL be brief..
    Perhaps the time has come to seek
    legal action,as those of us who do
    not share their point of view have
    been maligned on their public web
    site. Knowing this will be viewed
    by many,FYI Ms. Wolkenstein,
    A Bigoted Cockroach? A total impossibility! Check you Dictionary for "Definitions"
    I too saw the "Ratings" for Ms.
    Sutofsky,in addition to her 1st
    Public appearance (Ex Bd, followed
    by 1 other co chaired by 3 members
    of their group)each viewing,left me totally unimpressed.

  4. "personally, I am not interested in raising resale values..."

    Esther Sutofsky, 11/23/2013

    The context of this unfortunate opinion, which has since been been removed from the Lunatic Blog, was Wifi, and whether or not the new amenity would enhance property values.

    There are lots of different opinions about the Wifi Project, and there are almost certainly homeowners who have no interest in the new amenity at all.

    However, all homeowners: snowbirds, snowflakes and year-rounders, are interested in the value of their home, and any reasonable person would like to see that number go UP!

    Ms. Sutofsky's troubling opinion was part of a "fit of rage" blog entry that included holocaust and nazi references (a staple of her blog), threats of discrimination lawsuits, and the most hurtful, ethnically-based personal attacks that I have ever seen. I am not surprised that it was removed. It was that bad.

    Everyone goes bananas once in a while, but money is money, and business is business, and this "candidate" is not for me. I think that a majority of my fellow CV Homeowners would agree.

  5. Hi Don4060,
    December 19, 2013 at 4:28 PM,

    Better be careful, you may end up on the "bigoted cockroach" list!!

    Dave Israel

  6. Made that list same day as you.

    Btw, Dave, you have just been promoted to "tsar" over there.

  7. After resale values have plunged to the depths they have, Esther says "personally, I am not interested in raising resale values..."?? This is hardly what I would consider looking out for the Village!

    By another "Bigoted Cockroach" and proud to be in your company, Dave, Grace, BettieL and Don 4060. (And why aren't you on the list, Plcruise? Seems like a glaring omission. Shall we the above simply vote you in?)

  8. I read somewhere when the world is demolished and all is dead the cockroach will still be around!

  9. Thanks Lanny! It was a glaring omission.

  10. Debate with Esther, are you kidding, David would knock Esther down with his first answers.
    Ester writes like a slum trash gang member, her vocabulary is limited to hate filled empty accusations and name calling. When David is asked a question, he gives a carefully researched answer not stooping to "my dad can beat your dad" junior high talk. Anyone thinking that a debate between the two would be a good thing must be on Dave's side because it would only show him in a good light. This is a man who has done presentations to a President of the United States and I can guarantee you he did not use bigoted cockroach in his text. One would not even know if he was for or against the president, just that he could handle the presentation with class.


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