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Wednesday, February 5, 2014


A number of questions developed by the Proactive Residents Projects Committee (PRPC) were presented to Paulette Burdick, our County Commissioner. The answers are presented below from the PBC Chief of Code Enforcement:
1.      What is the current status of the fence?
ANSWER:            The fence permit was inspected and approved in July 2013 and issued a Certificate of Completion (for a temporary construction fence). Per Section 108.1 of the FBC Amendments, temporary uses are permitted for 6 months, and extensions can be granted for reasonable justification. In this case the time is up, but the owner has requested an extension citing litigation in progress from allowing the project to move forward. My response is currently in legal undergoing review since we are involved in the litigation, but the request is ultimately going to be approved.
2.      Is the current fence a temporary or permanent fence?
ANSWER:    It is a temporary construction / development fence
3.     What is the difference between a temporary and permanent fence?
ANSWER:  Temporary fences will typically have a wire at the top instead of a rail, and have no wire at the bottom. Temporary fences do not have to meet the County ULDC, which will require either an ornamental fence or landscape buffering. This fence has neither and could not be approved as a permanent fence as it exists today
4.     Can we require the developer to use a “weed whacker” along the fence line and around the fence poles?
ANSWER:  Yes we can and will ask them to start doing so
5.     Has there been any fines for the developer’s failure to keep the grass cut?
ANSWER:  There have been in the past but nothing recent. If they fail to keep it cut according to the code we will cite accordingly.
Thank you,
Peyton McArthur
             Senior Aide to
Vice Mayor Paulette Burdick
Thanks to the PRPC for their eternal vigilance, and thanks to our County Commissioner for getting us answers.
Dave Israel

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