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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Solomon-Karpf and UCO Elections

A happy camper at CV here, especially since I have become the proud owner of an electric heater!

Kudos to all the responsible parties (chance, divine intervention, by-laws, enforcers of common sense?):
I have not received a single phone call or a single email or junk mail soliciting my direct/indirect vote.

A word to the wise/candidate: my attempts to a backstroke in the pool are a sacred event. If you interfere with them before, during and after, my air tambourine and I will repay you with an endless Harry Krishna routine.

A minor detail is not clear to me though: do we know of any candidates who are sympathizing with, sponsoring, subscribing to the Solomon-Karpf class action thingy?

It would be nice to know which candidates, while proclaiming that will dedicate their time for free for my benefit, are in fact supporting and or benefiting from something which, in the short and long run, through the courts, will end up costing me more money.


  1. Hi,

    A few points, the Solomon & Karpf duo support my opponent.

    They are attempting, in their law suit of UCO, to get your Email addresses, so that they can fill our Email boxes with the same libel and defamation that is on the malcontent BLOG.
    Just one more thing, they also seek $390,000.00 in their law suit against UCO.

    So, you decide!

    Dave Israel

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