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Monday, February 17, 2014


It surprised me when Joy Vestal announced her candidacy for UCO Vice President, and I think she is a great choice. She and Myron Silverman have done a great job coediting the UCO Reporter. What they have produced is there for all to see, and the compliments have been many.

Now, in addition to her Reporter experience with the Village goings-on, she has the experience of having been in very close touch with UCO affairs by having been an active UCO Recording Secretary. She is well qualified to be a UCO vice president, in my opinion.

The naysayers can say what they want––I have seen Joy at work on the newspaper, and no one is more conscientious about keeping the right divide between the paper and UCO. Where did she learn this? I expect from her innate sense of fair play, but also from her 50 years of administrative experience working for Newsday, the sixth largest regional newspaper in the US, covering NYC, Queens and Long Island. When a person by nature keeps the right balance, you don’t always need written rules.

I only hope Joy has the energy and good health to do both jobs. For sure she will bring her expertise, conscientiousness and enthusiasm to them both.

Vote Joy Vestal for UCO VP on March 7!


  1. Yes, Joy Vestal will make a wonderful Vice President..She has the understanding,the experience and the intelligence of how this villages runs. She also has a heart that cares about the village.

  2. I too, am glad to support Joy in her bid for VP. I think she has proven her ability to see both sides of many issues and stayed fair. She is definitely not given to off the cuff, false and libelous accusations. We need people whose goal is the good of the village, not the self-absorbed whose only goal is to destroy and divide.

  3. Hi All,

    Joy Vestal and Bob Marshall, there are no other qualified choices.

    Vote for experience and proven executive capability.

    Dave Israel

  4. In total accord with all. Have recently had the pleasure of working with Joy on the Reporter and believe she would make a wonderful VP taking charge of her quadrant.

  5. Joy has also opened the UCO Reporter to the more than 650 French speaking members of the CV community by promoting the publication of bilingual articles. We are grateful to her for this inclusive gesture. André Legault

  6. Joy will make an Excellent VP..
    She has the intelligence, clarity
    and business decorum sorely needed.
    Her many years at one of Long Island's most prestigious newspapers
    "Newsday"not only prepared her to
    serve in this capacity,but as Co Editor of our paper, which has received nothing but "Compliments"
    since her involvement.It was my
    pleasure to have worked with her &Myron Silverman...


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