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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Coming to CV Saturday..A clip from YOUTUBE

Hi all,
Follow the link.



  1. Can we do this for all shows?
    I bought tickets for one of the shows in the past and I did not like it. This time I looked it up and it looks like a fun show.

  2. If the other's have Video's on
    Utube.I think it's a great idea...
    ...They are a Fantastic duo,
    of course they would have to be..
    coming from Amityville, LI, NY ( I'm
    prejudice)and who doesn't LOVE

  3. PS - They happen to be a "Replace-
    ment show"

  4. Hi all,
    Many of the acts that appear in our theater, have a Web video presence.

    So, take the list of upcoming shows and plug the names into Google search.

    Set the Google search to video. When you locate the video you want, click on share, and pick up the embed code.

    Paste the embed code into the BLOG after first selecting HTML.
    Then click compose.
    The video is far more impressive than just the link.

    Dave Israel


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