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Wednesday, June 11, 2014


Come join "Ellie, Wolf & Jack" tomorrow night ( Thursday, June 12th )
from 6 to 9PM, in classroom C" for the Summer Season of "Doo Wop till you Drop"
Music and  History of a by gone era......remembered by many....
Posted on behalf, of Ellie,Wolf & Jack..


  1. Hi Bettie,

    I would prefer to put a quarter in the juke and boogie till I puke!

    Dave Israel

  2. Dave:
    Good Luck in finding one....
    however, who knows you might
    just enjoy the history of how it
    came to be....Surprise us!

  3. They have a jukebox at the Wing Shack, on the north side of Military Trail, just north of Forest Hill Blvd. Their chicken wings are very good and not expensive. I'm sure you could play their jukebox, but I don't know about your doing the boogie there. The space is a limited, and their bouncer is, well, just a mite intimidating. Puking is customarily done just outside their premises on the east side.


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