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Monday, July 28, 2014


This morning, I received a call from a computer tech claiming I have a software problem on my computer.  I told him I know his game and it is a scam and not to call.  He had an Indian accent and insisted I think I don't have a problem because I am just looking at my hard drive.  At this point, I lost it and told him to go to hell.   I don't  know how they do this because the number was 212-017-1180 which was a New York number and name not found.  I called that number and it is not a working number.

A while back my neighbor fell for a scam with technicians that sold her the Microsoft Essentials anti-virus program for $275.00.  She asked me to come and check her computer because she was having a problem with her printer.  She told me she subscribed to a new anti-virus program that only cost her $275.00 for 3 years which the techs downloaded on her computer remotely.  I mentioned that was funny because I got mine for free.  Anyone can download this program from Microsoft. Fortunately, she called the company and got her money back.  She was one of the lucky ones.  I am still concerned that they have information from her computer from having remote access.

So please be aware of these scams.  They are always looking for new ways to get money and identity information from you.  Don't trust anyone that calls you, even if it is your bank.  Call them instead and don't ever give your social security number.

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