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Tuesday, July 29, 2014


What Is The Status Of UCO WiFi ?


  1. Hopefully going full steam ahead. A few buildings seem to think they can do better on their own (where have we heard that one before), but Dave seems fully ready to fight it through for the betterment of ALL CV.

  2. Hi Ken,

    It will require a Delegate Assembly vote to re-insert the Wi-Fi funding, which in the draft Budget has been transferred to the General Reserves line.

    If the Delegates reaffirm their commitment to Village wide Wi-Fi,
    it will go forward. We are expecting vendor bids on August 1, 2014.

    The No-Fi being pushed by the Malcontents, has real technical problems; and will not provide coverage throughout our CV Campus.

    It will provide some limited LAN (Local Area Network) coverage within apartments, but signal attenuation will be problematic, especially when multiple users start streaming radio, smart TV, HULU, Netflix, ROKU boxes...Etc.

    I sincerely doubt that Comcast management will warrantee high signal strength and throughput using one digital gateway to power multi-unit concrete block and steel structures.

    What Comcast is doing is pulling a wire to a demarc and saying, Ok! it's up to you as to how you distribute signal, and solve the connectivity problem, with all sorts of devices.

    If we get a vote of confidence from the Delegates to proceed with real Wi-Fi, it is "full speed ahead"

    Dave Israel

  3. Will the Comcast WiFi be encrypted so that each unit in the building has private password protected access to the internet. Or is it like a general public type of wifi where you need to take extra precautions with your private passwords and data?

    1. Would you want to do your banking or credit card account business on an open Wifi system that is not password protected, and fully encrypted?

    2. In Contrast- What is the level of encryption for the proposed UCO-WiFi system?

    And- 3. will the UCO-WiFi system be working through-out the CV campus, so that you can use wifi enabled cell phones while traveling in the car driving along South Drive, and not lose connections?

  4. Hi Marc,
    First note that the Comcast product is not Wi-Fi. Comcast was approached repeatedly by me and repeatedly stated that "Comcast does not have a Wi-Fi product" and would not accept our RFP.

    So what is this No-Fi so called Hot spot Wi-Fi? It is a digital gateway designed for a single apartment, which is being peddled as adequate for multi unit concrete block and steel (CBS) buildings with, in our case up to 80 units.

    Signals will not propagate through CBS infrastructure without major attenuation, with reduced signal strength and reduction of throughput (speed).

    Yes, the signals can be encrypted within a hot spot!
    The issue of encryption is not the problem, it is bandwidth and data rate when many users are trying to stream high data rate signals through this single digital gateway.
    The true Campus wide Wi-Fi system being developed by the UCO Wi-Fi Committee will have the highest level of available encryption.
    Finally, the UCO-Wi-Fi will be available everywhere on Campus for any wireless Internet enabled device;
    unlike the Comcast No-Fi system.
    Don't buy No-Fi from Meeting disrupting, Law suit filing Malcontents; wait for the real thing.

    Dave Israel

  5. Marc, your question number 3 is where I see the most advantage, and also significant savings on top of the savings that I will see when I can lose my Comcast Internet bill.

    With Campus wide WiFi, I will be able to cut my cellphone talk, text and data plan to the bare minimum, possibly as low as twenty dollars a month, because I will spend most of my time in a WiFi environment. If my home, neighborhood and workplace is WiFied, I will pretty much only need 3G when I am in my car outside CV.

    In cities that have heavy WiFi coverage, people actually buy WiFi only mobile phones and have no cellphone or landline bill at all.

    On Friday, Delgates will have the opportunity to reaffirm their committment to campus-wide WiFi. Some Delegates do not own computers- for these homeowners, supporting this new amenity requires a huge leap of faith, doing what is right for the entire Community despite limited benefit to the Delgate that is casting the vote.

    However, pretty much everyone has a cellphone, and most are Wifi capable. This new amenity will benefit just about everyone, with or without a computer.

  6. It is amazing that Esther and her entourage defame and libel people on other blogs and spread false information about Wi-Fi at CV and UCO's financial situation--all seemingly without reaction.
    I would recommend that UCO seek legal advice on an action such as the one that apparently led to the gagging of an obnoxious former condo president in the Southamption area who shot off his mouth one too many times in CV meetings.

  7. So, That's why I can't get a decent cell phone signal on the 1's floor in CV?


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