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Wednesday, July 30, 2014


From what I've been told, the $400,000 in the Wi-Fi account, which may be transferred to the UCO Reserves, would have been enough to pay for the installation of the Wi-Fi towers and equipment. Essentially our only costs, once the equipment was in place, would have been operational, amounting to $2-3 per unit per month.

Assuming, because of the shortfall in Reserves, that this $400,000 IS transferred to the Reserves, what would it cost per unit per month to reinstate Wi-Fi? I figure it this way, in two-steps:

1. Step 1: Add $2.40 to what every unit pays for two (2) years to come up with $450,000 for the Wi-Fi installation two years from January 1, 2015. Why $450,000? Because the cost may have gone up a little by January 1, 2017. ($2.40 x 24 months = $57.60 x 7800 units = $449,280.) During this time the Wi-Fi Committee can continue its negotiations with Wi-Fi companies. This is important because our dropping out of the picture entirely sends a message to the best Wi-Fi companies: "Don't spend time and effort on Century Village; they aren't serious players."

2. Step 2: Every unit pays $2-3 (NOT $2-3 plus $2.40) during the operational phase of Wi-Fi, which would presumably begin sometime in 2017. At the same time the terrific Internet service savings begin to occur. I may be able to drop my $39-per-month for Internet charged by AT & T. Others with $20-30 plans will still save a bundle. 

This is what we face, it seems to me, if Village-wide Wi-Fi is reinstated: essentially only a two-year wait (that's the new part) and $2-3 a month more in UCO dues. Is that such a hard pill to swallow?


  1. No, it is not a hard pill to swallow. We are playing catch up at CV for YEARS of lack of investment--and I do NOT mean the Dave Israel years.

  2. The delegates have already voted for WIFI at a delegates meeting within the last year I believe. I was there. We don't need to rehash this again. Frankly I have WIFI in my condo. My son set it up and it is great. I have no problem paying for Village wide WIFI. My only outlay was for the router.

  3. Yes we did approve Wi-Fi, but Grossman, Sutofsky, Wolkenstein, et al. are spreading misinformation and trouble (nothing new with that), as they seem to have NOTHING else to do in life.

  4. When Wi-Fi was approved by the delegate assembly, we agreed to FUND IT, i.e., make it a part of the UCO budget. So far, I understand we have collected about $400,000. If the Officers, Finance Committee (and Executive Board?) now agree with Dave Israel to transfer that $400,000 to the Reserves, and the delegates approve of it, that will leave ZERO in the Wi-Fi account. Wi-Fi can't go forward with zero remaining in the account. The question is: After the transfer, will Wi-Fi continue to be a budgeted item?

  5. Hi Lanny,
    July 31, 2014 at 3:25 PM,

    All this takes is a motion and a majority vote by the Delegates to leave the accumulated funds in the Wi-Fi line, and to continue the $2.00/month/unit.

    Proposals are due on 1 August, 2014. These are proposals for Campus wide Wi-Fi.

    Forget Malcontent No-Fi, it is not Campus wide Wi-Fi. Just stick to the program that the Delegates approved, and it will happen for the benefit of all and at minimum cost.

    Dave Israel

  6. Actually, I'm wrong in saying in my post we would be paying $2-3 MORE per month for Wi-Fi in 2015 in order to replenish the $400,000 over two years. We have ALREADY been being assessed $2 a month to get where we are, so our Wi-Fi collection need increase only 40 cents! Is this right, Dave? I wish you would weigh in.

  7. Oops, I see you have answered my question while I was typing it, Dave! Thank you.

  8. It is my understanding that if the Wi-Fi funds are transferred to the Reserves, that will be the end of Wi-Fi as a budgeted item and the end of Wi-Fi in CV.

  9. For those who are selling their condos or will in the future Wi-Fi is a real selling point. Most places you go today have WiFi. Why should the Village live in the past. Are we not a forward thinking community???


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