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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Wi-Fi and MORE at CV

This is from Part 2 of this blog and needs to be repeated here.
It is a shame that 5-6 malcontents who HATE Dave Israel SO much are trying to sink the Wi-Fi proposal that would help move CV into the 20th century (we can work on the 21st later). 

Prior UCO administrations woefully neglected our infrastructure.  Many condo association buildings are a shambles with incompetent or absent Boards of Directors paying no attention.

Folks we NEED to INVEST some money here at home!

Studying WiFi

Below is part of Anitra Kraus' - easy to understand - article from UCO Reporter August page B5. Thanks Anitra.
I have obtained a copy of the router that has been proposed by Comcast as a business modem that can be placed in individual associations as a business account to wi-fi the building. The interesting thing is that that modem is the exact modem I have in my home. The signal from that modem does not reach out very far from my unit. I cannot go more than two (2) units away from mine and still receive a signal on my laptop. Also, if my husband is listening to his radio stream and I am trying to play a game, the speed drops tremendously.
Also in having only one (1) modem per building, it means that everyone in that building is using the same security access code. This means that there are people that know how to access other computers via that modem — so your computer is compromised.

Again recently, I had to give my access code to the EMS when they came to my apartment because they could not access their modem on their unit. Wouldn’t it be nice if they could have their own access via the Wi-Fi to access records they need to take care of us? I am thankful that it was not a life-threatening emergency when they were called and we had time to put the needed codes in their computer.

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