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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

CV Blog Front Page

I was wondering, if items such as "Channel 63 Camera Feeds" and "Okeechobee Gatehouse Cameras Live" could be moved to the sidebar after lets say a month of priority viewing. Expiring September 2015 is a little far.
 I am a follower of this blog and often use my iPad to see what's up. It has now gotten to the point that to view the most current blog postings, we have to scroll down almost two pages. I think that those who really need assistance to find these links can either ask on this blog or go to the side bars!


  1. Hi Paul,

    Yes, I'm thinking you are correct. I will play with the size parameters and see if it will fit in the sidebar.

    Dave Israel

  2. You got it to fit Dave. Now I get half a message because the rest would run into the written comments. Doesn't work for me!!!


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