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Saturday, October 11, 2014


A lot of the folk in the Village think “one vote per unit” would be a good idea, and that the UCO bylaws should be changed to include this. Some apparently think it would not be a good idea. Some of us, myself included, don’t exactly know what those favoring one-vote-per-unit MEAN by it. One vote per unit is clear enough, but one vote about what? Who gets to be UCO president? Who gets elected as an officer—and if so, what officers? All of them or only some? Would it extend to electing Executive Board members? Might it extend to voting on certain important ISSUES?

I’d like to get clear on this much first. Then, in the light of how far one-vote-per-unit applies, consider whether it’s a good idea.

If we do think it’s a good idea, then we need to think through the mechanics of administering one-vote-per-unit. Would it be workable? Can unit owners vote by mail? What controls would be needed? Would we need professional help? How expensive would this be?

Of course our one-vote-per-unit would have its parallel in the oft-cited suggestion of voting for US president (and vice president?) by popular vote. Many people favor such a change, but the founding fathers thought it wise to give the states more than zero say in this decision. They also questioned whether the average voter was sufficiently informed and possessed of good judgment to make a wise choice, and provided an “out” through the Electoral College. This would seem to parallel the question for us: Are unit owners (as contrasted with delegates) too out of touch with UCO operations to vote sensibly? Or, thanks perhaps to improved communications, are our owners now better educated in Village affairs?

Seems to me there is a lot to consider. I hope we don’t rush to judgment on this, but give it time to be thoroughly discussed. That takes time in a large group such as ours. Maybe the blog would be a good forum for hashing this out?



  1. Hi Lanny. You make some interesting points. Some of the outdated UCO Delegate Bylaws and Procedures are becoming increasingly unworkable. UCO was formed to try to bring order out of the chaos of the early years at CV. However, we should consider taking further steps to move forward. For example, do we continue the delegate system or one condo one vote? We cannot have more people voting if our current voting system is in place. It has trouble and controversy even now. A better meeting voting system (not the hold up the card system) is needed. No CV resident volunteers should count the election votes. CV is too large and procedures are too complicated these days to continue to use CV resident volunteers at UCO to the extent we do. It will cost MONEY to replace these systems, but we risk continued unrest and confusion if we continue the methods of the past 40+ years

  2. Hi Lanny,

    I fully support One Vote Per Unit (OVPU). My view of this is as follows; I am, of course, open to better ideas.

    1) Each Unit will file a Voting Certificate naming one owner to vote, this eliminates controversy when multiple owners are on the deed. Only an owner can vote. There probably should be a minimum residency requirement, say at least 4 months of the year.

    2) If you own multiple units, you still only get one vote.

    3) OVPU will be invoked to elect all Officers of UCO and all members of the Executive Board.

    4) There will also be voting for Major budget projects which will be on the Ballot as Proposition items, just as we have on the Florida State ballots.

    5) Voting rolls, and elections shall be maintained and run by an independent body, of non CV Residents, perhaps the County Board of elections.

    6) A UCO Committee shall be established to write a complete procedure for the OVPU process, said process to be vetted by a Florida attorney with expertise in Election Law. This process shall become a part of the UCO Bylaws.

    Well, that's my two cents, let the debate begin.

    Dave Israel

  3. Hi all,

    A further comment on the matter of counting votes at Delegate Assembly.

    We should seriously look at an electronic system. The Delegates could be given a small radio frequency device when they sign in.

    There would be a tote board on the front wall which would show the final counts.

    Of course, the devices would be coded so as to only allow one vote on a given motion. After finalization of a vote, the devices would be cleared by a signal from a control box, which would reset the device for the next vote.

    Dave Israel

  4. Here we go again with this one vote thing again. How many times do we have to go through this? Leave well enough alone.

  5. Thanks for your comments so far. I can see you have thought this out quite a bit, Dave. Do you have ANY idea how expensive the system you suggest would be?

    I think I understand the reasoning behind allowing owners of multiple units no more than one vote. It is to prevent a takeover by one person or a bloc of persons in agreement, isn't it? But is this fair? It is almost a universal practice (backed up by law, I expect) for investors (shareholders) in a company to have say in the company’s decisions proportionate to their contributions.

  6. Hi Lanny,
    October 12, 2014 at 11:13 AM,

    There are a number of variables that figure into the concept of investors having a say in this case.

    here is but one; It is common practice here In the Village for Mom and Pop unit owners to put their children, who probably live elsewhere, on the deed as Joint Tenants with right of survivorship, usually this is done to avoid probate.

    They, the kids, are now investors, do they get to vote?

    There are a number of other such variables.

    As for multiple unit owners having multiple votes, this is a very slippery slope as regards very rich folks who would be king.

    While it is not quite the same, no matter how many homes you own, you only get one vote for President of the USA.

    So I think it should in our case.

    Dave Israel

  7. You have a point Dave about people owning multiple units and skewing the vote count. I am not sure if badly run or incompetent associations could get their individual owners to show up and vote in any case. However, CV really needs to update the antiquated voting system we have now for both the delegate meetings and the UCO elections.

  8. In total agreement, with updating
    our Voting System, however I also
    agree with David's point of view
    One vote, regardless of how many
    units one owns...which could be
    verified by our CV ID.

  9. Sidestepping for a moment to Olga & Gary’s blog, she writes with reference to this post:

    "Monday, October 13, 2014
    Believe Lanny Howe wrote it!
    Lanny Howe wrote on David’s blog that he did not know exactly WHAT one vote per unit meant. Well Lanny, now that you have awoken from your extended snooze, I will explain it to you."

    Later she writes “You suggest that improved communications may perhaps make our unit owners better educated in village affairs, and maybe the blog would be a good forum for hashing it out? Who’s [sic] blog, David or Gary’s?”

    Well, Olga, I really think Dave’s blog would be a better forum. I would prefer it anyway. For one thing, you don’t get shamed for saying you don’t completely understand a thing. For another, when someone—especially the one who has just insulted you—patronizingly offers to explain it to you, I’m afraid my reaction is “Awfully nice of you, but no thanks. I’ll get my help elsewhere.”

    It’s just one of those things I have found: Bombastic people who deride others and claim to know everything usually don’t know much themselves

  10. I am a supporter of One Unit One Vote for UCO Officer Elections and expenditure of amounts over XXX dolla).
    I would suggest looking into scanable forms (similar to those used by teachers for test results). There are many companies that have software for creating your own form. With software, scanner and supplies, we would be looking at no more than $2000.00 for the initial cost and, obviously, much less for subsequent voting.
    I agree that there should be one Certificate for each Unit. I am undecided about how Owners of Multiple Units should be handled. If an association allows for ownership of multiple units, perhaps we should consider honoring that association's choice, but as I said I am undecided on this issue.

  11. Still hoping someone can expalin difference between fiscal year and budget year. My husband, a finance/marketing major is as confused as I am.

  12. Jangour802: I don't understand how it works, either. A report on the fiscal year could compare income and disbursements, but how would a report compare budgeted amounts with income or disbursements? The report would be on different 12 month periods. Maybe our treasurer can explain this.

  13. Keeping in mind that we want to be 21st C savvy and have an open UCO, is it possible to e-mail officers individually? For instance, if I have a question about the budget, does the Treasurer have an e-mail for a specific question. or can I e-mail the secretary to question notes about a meeting?

  14. I recognize that this is the type of question that will get me bounced from this blog, but here goes; as we look at more wi-fi connections to bring us into the 21 Century, why is it that UCO officers do not have individual connections , so that CV owners/residents can connect to officersto ask questions/make comments? Is this blog the ONLY way ( other than My Village Blogger)
    Each officer should have an .com connection for questions, comments, complaints. How is it aht UCO loks for more Wi-fi control while not requiring more officer/owners access?

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  16. Hi Jangor802,
    October 16, 2014 at 9:02 PM.

    Since I was elected UCO President in March 2010, I create a UCO Email system using Gmail. All UCO Officers were assigned Email addresses.

    The Email addresses have been and currently are located in the sidebar of this BLOG under the heading; current UCO Officers, they have been there for 4 years.

    You are welcome to contact any or all of these Officers; or the LCAM.

    As for Village wide Wi-Fi, that is about liberation from the control of the wire, and secure Internet freedom for ALL!
    Dave Israel
    Dom Guarnagia
    Bob Marshall
    Joy Vestal
    Marcia Ziccardy
    Howard O'Brien
    Recording Secretary
    Phyllis Siegelman
    Corresponding Secretary
    Pat Sealander
    Community Association Manager:
    Ted Herrle
    Dave Israel

  17. Why would anyone bring up Olga's blog on this Blog ,let alone answer comments made on it? Forget that rag!


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