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Saturday, December 20, 2014


My prior post regarding the Uniters Club was a grievous error on my part for which I apologize with deep regret.
Dave Israel


  1. You have nothing to apologize for Dave. You have the patience of Job for having to deal with the garbage Esther, et al. spew your way. Happy Holidays. PS. We should get that Duck Island pier open soon in case our "friends" want to reschedule their dance party.

  2. To Plcruise: We should get the Duck Island Pier open soon SO that those who enjoy fishing can use it again. There is a Fishing Club here at Century Village that would LOVE to have the pier open again. It has been approximately one year since it was closed and slated for repair. Eve indicated to the Fishing Club at their last meeting that they are STILL waiting for bids. After a year, it seems to me that WPRF is not making this bid process a priority. Not everything is about the "Malcontents".

  3. Youare correct jangor802, BUT its seems that Dave Israel is blamed for everything by people here who do not understand how CV is set up.

    You might ask the Operations and Bid Committees who take a long, long time to consider repairs and replacements at CV, and some of those members who slow down and confuse the process at every possible moment.

    Dave is not a one man show. He is the most emcumbered President of an organization I have ever seen. Each time he tries to make a more efficient move--there are shouts of more committees and votes by delegates ad nauseum.

    So, when have a mess of a volunteer system at UCO--too many people with too many fingers in the pot. It will take a long time to get ANYTHING done here. Watch the Bid and Operations Committees online and see who the troublemakers are who keep things a mess at CV.

    It is not Dave Israel.

  4. With Regard to this POST, which is
    the subject matter here and not a
    dozen and one things...As one who
    interviewed the President of this
    newly formed Social Club, for ch63
    last Fri (19th) which will be shown sometime early 2015) I can attest this is a PURELY Social Club, and
    misinformed,on this issue, as many
    of our 'INTELLIGENT' residents are
    on several other issues..Go to the
    Source, prior to posting.
    Bettie Lee Bleckman.

  5. Hi Bettie, Will the Naturists be welcome at The New Social Club meetings?

  6. Mike:
    I STRONGLY suggest you contact
    their President whose phone number
    appears in the "Organational News"
    Section of the UCO Reporter,
    under the UNITERS CLUB...
    Surely she will be able to answer
    you question....

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