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Sunday, December 21, 2014


Approaching the end of the year, this seems like a good time to express our thanks to those in UCO for all they do for us as individuals and associations. We have a rather strange and sometimes awkward arrangement in Century Village WPB: 309 autonomous associations except for certain (limited) rights and responsibilities we have ceded to an administrative body called UCO, whose board of directors consists of representatives from the 309 associations. It's a pretty unwieldy set-up, but we do the best we can. UCO itself, and its subsidiary the UCO Reporter/Channel 63, is run almost entirely by association volunteers.

These volunteers deserve a great amount of thanks. They put in endless hours making life run smoothly for the rest of us. There would be no Century Village without them.

The buses only run because volunteers on a committee make the often-changing arrangements with the bus company. Security only exists because volunteers have made arrangements with the successive security companies we have hired. The COP volunteers are a deterrent to crime in the Village. Volunteers work with WPRF to smooth out the recreational facility operations under the complicated "Triple Net Lease" agreement we have. Volunteers in Investigations help our associations avoid selling and renting units to  those who can't afford to live here. Volunteers in the Insurance Department make it possible for associations to be covered by several different kinds of insurance, all needed, at the lowest available cost. (Amazingly, thanks to Toni Salometo and the Insurance Committee, the Brown & Brown insurance premiums will be considerably LESS in 2015.)

I could go on and on. At the end of a year, our volunteers deserve to take a bow and we to give them a big thank-you. 


  1. Self-correction: By "undesirables" I don't mean anybody you or I happen to not like! I mean those with a criminal record sufficiently serious to decline their application to live in our 55-and-over condo associations.

  2. Don't sweat it Lanny. Esther and her ilk will always take offense at anything and everything.

  3. Kudos to all the volunteers who do a magnificent job in the village.

  4. Hi Plcruise: I haven't read the "other" blogs now for almost 3 weeks, so if they've said anything about my "undesirables" in the very short time lapse before I posted the self-correction, I haven't known about it.I lost almost all interest in them since the December delegates meeting.


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