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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

"Delegate Assembly Gone Amok” was a smash hit on all our heads at CV.

According to Lanny and others, at Clubhouse the Act II Community Theater’s “Once Upon a Time—A Fairy Tale Gone Amok” was a smash hit.  That was a great show.  Lets keep amok players on the stage at an evening performance.

Please DO NOT let the Malcontents hijack another Delegate Meeting as they did in December.  Keep these "amok" people quiet with the fairy tales they tell by having PBSO present and visible.  


  1. I also believe that we need a presence of Palm Beach police at our meetings. It is too bad that a group of people can disturb a meeting and be so disruptive. They don't care one bit for the village and we don't need them at our meetings.

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