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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Duck Island

Can someone explain the purpose of the dock on Duck Island?

dock 1

a. platform extending from a shore over water, used to secure, protect, and provide access to a boat or ship; a pier.
b. docks An area along a commercial waterfront having docks or piers.
c. The area of water between two piers or alongside a pier that receives a vessel for loading, unloading, or repairs: The boat moved slowly into the dock.
2. floating platform attached to a mooring and used as a rest or play area when swimming.
3. platform or door at which trucks or trains load or unload cargo.
4. Computers See docking station.
v. dockeddock·ingdocks
1. To maneuver (a vessel or vehicle) into or next to a dock.
2. To couple (two or more spacecraft, for example) in space.
To move or come into or next to a dock.

[Early Modern English dokarea of mud in which a ship can rest at low tide, dockakin to Middle Dutch dockearea of water between two piers or alongside a pier, of unknown origin.]
American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fifth Edition. Copyright © 2011 by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company. Published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company. All rights reserved.


1. (Civil Engineering) a wharf or pier
2. (Civil Engineering) a space between two wharves or piers for the mooring of ships
3. (Civil Engineering) an area of water that can accommodate a ship and can be closed off to allow regulation of the water level
4. (Civil Engineering) short for dry dock
5. (Theatre) short for scene dock
6. (Civil Engineering) US and Canadian a platform from which lorries, goods trains, etc, are loaded and unloaded
7. (Nautical Terms) to moor (a vessel) at a dock or (of a vessel) to be moored at a dock
8. (Nautical Terms) to put (a vessel) into a dry dock for repairs or (of a vessel) to come into a dry dock
9. (Astronautics) (of two spacecraft) to link together in space or link together (two spacecraft) in space

According to the definition above, does the "dock" on Duck Island qualify? Maybe we should call it the platform, because that is what it truly is, just an overpriced platform for the 20 or 30 people that want to fish. Boats do not use it, although it would make sense if they did.
WPRF is wants to repair the dock and the bids for the repairs are in the $30k range for replacing the deck. Just The deck. The pilings under the dock may or may not still be good, there are no guarantees that they will. If not, this could more than double the price. Why spend this kind of money just to benefit 20 or 30 people?

It irks me that some complain about paying for WiFi which would result in a savings for thousands in the village and yet I don't hear them complain about spending 30 to possibly 60 thousand for the benefit of 20 or 30 people. Oh wait...anyone can have access to the dock, so it would be more than 30 people... same could be said of WiFi. Anyone can have access and rather than paying 20, 30 40 a month it could be 5. BIG DIFFERENCE. Then there are those that will say "Well, I don't have a computer, so what do I need WiFi for?" But they have children and grandchildren that visit and then they are bothering their neighbors for access to THEIR WiFi passwords... or they are calling on Neighbors with computers to look something up or send an e-mail for them to their kids or some business.

I don't ride the buses, but I pay for them. What would happen if everyone that didn't ride the bus decided to "OPT OUT"? I'll tell you what would happen, your bus service would be drastically cut to just the bare essentials. No Morse, No Family Dollar, No Imaging center, No Library, No Humana, No Post Office, No Dr Sapenoff, No Nana's Diner, No Church, No Dollar Tree. Just Wal-Mart, and Publix...and not 13 times a day, probably just 2 in the morning and 2 in the afternoon. Missed the bus? Call a cab. And forget Excursions to the casinos, Flea Markets or State Fairs, they would be gone too.  

Just because I don't ride the bus doesn't mean I should opt out, same is true for the WiFi. It benefits MANY in the village. Not 20 or 30, but thousands.

How many were here when cable came in? How many opposed it? How many would complain if cable was suddenly taken away?
 Back to the Dock, The Dock from what I was told, was used mostly by the fishing club for catch and release fishing (which is probably the best way to fish here). WPRF should use the money for something other than repairing a useless dock.
the fishing club, and anyone else wanting to fish can do it the way it was meant to be...from the shore.


  1. It is my understanding the dock or pier has been used by BAAL and his followers from the time it was built for Baalist ritual. On a personal note,my Druid Coven has been meeting there twice a year for procreation ceremonies . Hope this is helpful.

  2. Thank you for letting me know who it is that leaves fishing line tangles and rusty hooks on the island. I would prefer one bench facing the water rather than the dock. Remove the deck but leave the pilings for bird perches.
    And I'm sure the Bid Cmte could come up with another NO!

  3. According to the reasoning used here by the commentors, the Bocce Club should have paid for the refinishing of the bocce courts and have had exclusive rights to the courts; the tennis courts should have repairs done only by those who play tennis and the pool at the clubhouse and the restroom/dressing areas at Hastings should be paid for by donations by the people who use the gym/pool/poolroom. For that matter, why not a fee for EVERY exercise/health class!
    The Fishing Club and those fisherpersons (not just men) who fish. but do not belong to the club should be extended the same amenities as other groups.
    I wasn't here when the original Golf Course was sold, but I suspect CV did not purchase the property because only golfers would benefit. I am sure one or two residents are regretting that decision.

  4. You do not need a dock in order to fish, as all the fishers on the bridges and banks will attest.

  5. Exactly how many of the members of the Fishing Club have you spoken to? BTW, their meeting is the first Wednesday of each month if you would like to get their views on this.
    The Bocce Club could play on the grass behind our associations and the Sailing Club could launch from any waterway in the Village.
    Canasta, Mah Jong and other game players could meet at one another's homes. Why do they need a Card Room?
    We dom't really need a gym. People could exercise at home or use the walkway around the lake for biking, walking, joggin, etc and we don't really need to keep those sidewalks safe for them. Is it just fisherpersons you hate?

  6. I am a fisherperson, use N Bridge and Dorchester, do not use Duck Island because of aforementioned rusty hazards. I think the years without the dock have proved we do not need it. My fishing friends have also never needed the dock.
    Thanks for watching the budget Bob.

  7. It is true that you do not need a dock to fish. You also do not need a designated room to play cards,,, Mah Jong or oton any concrete, grass or indoor area. Lkke wise, the Meditation Group, the Italian-American club or any other group could meet without a designated area.
    The Bocce Group could play on a grassy area and the swimmers only need one pool.
    The dock is particularly important to handicappaer members who cannot fish along the grassy shores and to fisherpersons who enjoy the camaraderie of free fishing in an integrated area.
    Why do we have a designated area for the Sailing Club to store their boats, give lessons and store equipment?
    I don't swim, but I pay for pools because they enhance the overall desireability of CV. I do not play billiards but again I recognize that it is an attraction to our village.
    And if you do not fish, the dock, has been in the past, just a lovely spot to stand or sit and enjoy
    the widlife.
    Compare this to a $100,000 flashing light sign at the entrance of CV and, in terms of quality of life, there is no comparison!

  8. Ducks, Docks and Decks. Apparently you haven't seen my cabin cruiser, the "Stealth," on the lakes, which my invisible agents tie up to the dock after midnight. We are usually off at about 5:30 a.m. We have seen the Baal rituals a few times at night. Anyway, we LIKE the dock, especially the deck part of the dock, and we enjoy watching the ducks.

  9. That is what condo living is all about. There are common expenses that all pay for even if we don't use the facilities. If you don't like condo living and paying for facilities that you may not use then you should move to your own home and not live in a village such as this.

  10. Hi Lanny,
    January 22, 2015 at 9:33 PM,

    Some fundamental issues are raised as regards Decks, Docks and Ducks (DDD).

    There is a distinct indication that some purple Dots may be present on the Deck of the Dock!

    These purple dots may be inimical to a non-conforming Duck.

    So, henceforth, we must be certain that only Purple Ducks be permitted on the Deck of the Dock, unless multi-color Dots are permitted!

    Dave Israel

  11. Agreed, There are common expenses that all pay for even if we don't use the facilities. But we are talking about something that is not used by anyone. I have seen 2 people at the dock for a few minutes in 15 yrs and I am a frequent frequenter of the island. Just me and the iguana enjoy a lovely spot to stand or sit and enjoy
    the wildlife.

  12. Either on the bus or around the pool or on the Boce court, I heard from someone in the know who insisted Duck Island was restricted to ducks who support Dave Israel. Can this be wrong?

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. It's nice to hear from someone with reliable sources, Plcruise, but I think the ducks that support Dave are mainly the purple ones, and if you read "Ducks, Part Two" in the upcoming (Feb.) Reporter, you will find that one of them may have been EATEN. When the story comes out, you'll find out whether one of the DOTS ON THE DECK needs to be DELETED. Stay tuned!

  15. It seems that some residents only support the facilities that they take part in. If they have no interest in an activity which they do not use than why does anyone have to use it or should it be part of a village recreational activity. To make things a little clearer I have never seen elaineb at a fishing club meeting or have I or anyone else ever seen her with a fishing rod on the old pier or at the side of the lake. Does it make any sense to be so negative about what some of our residents enjoy just because you have never taken part in this sport. Having a fishing pier is also an asset to CV just as a new sign and pretty landscaping is to the entrance of the property.

  16. Hey, I caught a fish on Thurs eve and really annoyed a cooter at N Bridge. Glad to see so much fishing interest (despite incorrect conclusions and specious arguments.)
    We were discussing quiet individual CV fishing, I am a quiet fisher - Cenwest fishing club sounds more like an eating, chartering, loud group. My handicap would not allow me on charter boats so I would not join the club.

    See part 2 of blog for more quiet fishing.


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