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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The Decline of Hotel Rooms in Montreal, Quebec.

I read with interest in the Montreal Gazette ( local newspaper) the decline of Hotel Rooms in the City,
several of the hotels, were being converted to "residences".. some for college students, other's for
Senior Citizens....Could this all be related to the possibility that Montreal, the largest city in the
Province of Quebec, no longer wishes to welcome "The English Speaking" Tourist, regardless
of where they hail from?  I surely hope not, for this would be "disastrous" to their economy, and
impact on South Florida as well....however, we would survive, we do welcome people from other
cultures ...
....As one who had the "advantage" of living the first 21 yrs., of my life in English speaking areas and subjected to receiving a bi-lingual education, will always be grateful for a "special" Labor Day
weekend, when I met the "Love of My Life" a Brooklynite, whom I shared more than a half of
century with, in the" Land of the Free, Home of the Brave."
A closing note....should you intend to visit, take lessons, otherwise you will be greeted
with " Je parle pas englais" that's French Canadian....not Parisian French....


  1. A bilingual education in Montreal or Paris would teach you: ''Je ne parle pas anglais'' and not ''Je ne parle pas englais.'' As a youth in Montreal I was often dealing with unilingual english speaking sales people.Things have changed. ALL personel in hotels, stores and restaurants are now bilingual. Some hotels everywhere become obsolete and change the nature of their business. With the Canadian dollar being very low versus the US dollar, why not spend your next summer vacation in Quebec. Avoid it in winter! That's why we are in Century Village.

  2. Typo error..e instead of a...As for
    all Personnel(tourist related) being bilingual,they were in my time as well..however,many recent visitors
    who chose to drive,have encountered
    the problem I referred to....
    As for the conversions ( Hotels to
    Housing) considering they are not
    located in traditional residential leaves little to
    one's imagination..The Winter's
    were brutal in my day..the summer's too brief. The East end of Long Island,NY, for me is ideal. I did however, enjoy
    dining at "Moishe's" Steak House,
    Ruby Foo's and a few other upscale restaurants..

  3. I'm on board Andre- first week of June, meet me at Jean Talon.

  4. Don't forget thoese Bagels!
    Once they have cooled off, store
    them in plastic zip lock bags...


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