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Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Following is a summary sheet for the revised UCO 2015 -2016 budget. It reflects a significant overall reduction, with a reasonable start at establishing important Reserves. I have sent the specific details to the UCO bulk Email Information Forward Initiative recipients. The time has come to pass this budget, which will be presented to the Officer's Committee, the Executive Board and the Delegate Assembly.
Dave Israel


  1. David
    No doubt all of this could have been "avoided" had the proper presentation taken place to begin with.. One cannot expect total acceptance, without a breakdown
    understood by all...
    (previous catagory "General Exp")
    Unfortunately our Treasurer, resents being questioned,not only regarding the budget prep.,as well as his usage of the Title, once afforded to him. I agree, one does not have to be a CPA to implement a budget, nor be Treasurer...but full disclosure would have been the right path to have taken. In addition, in my opinion, to have shown a segment from the DA meeting,while the speaker was at the podium,did not in any form enhance the Treasurer to the assembled....

  2. As I have stated in previous posts, I am a seasonal unit owner who after three winters has taken steps to be better informed and more involved in the workings of my own association and Century Village overall. I monitor both OUR VILLAGE in WPB and My Village Blogger and I view all meetings that are posted on this blog. I recently was elected to the Board of Directors of my association, in order to be more than just a bystander.
    With that being said, I attended today's Budget presentation/Finance Committee Meeting. Although, I had only about 10 minutes before the meeting began to review the budget, I have these three observations:
    1. I have no problem with about 97% of the Budget as presented. Most items are either covered by contracts or seem to be in line with what had been spent during the previous year.
    2. Some items seemed to be either arbitrary "We will cut the sign budget to $65,000" with no real discussion of why it should be this particular amount or recognizing that fuel cost for security was an error and just crossing out with no comment.
    3. Howard O'Brien is rude and unprofessional and I found this to be the most upsetting and negative aspect of the entire meeting. Mr. O'Brien seems to be of the opinion that residents who pay the bills here are out of order simply by asking questions. I too am a life-long NY resident and I may be sarcastic when on the street or speaking privately, but NEVER, EVER, in my professional life. His 7-11 comment, his showing some previous tape of a speaker as he was speaking and his general condescending attitude may very well have underminded whatever he wished to accomplish. I am not a Delegate. I will not vote on this budget, but I must say I would be leaning toward a "no" vote primarily because of the attitude of 'don't like it, too bad; don't ask questions', even though the budget is, in fact, quite legitimate and in line with previous budgets.


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