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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Something uplifting from a group of young French students. - A wonderful flashmob

After this awful day in France, here is something uplifting from a group of young French students.
Andre Legault 

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  1. Andre!
    What a great flash mob performance by these youngsters. Thanks for putting it on the blog, and our sympathies to all those with ties to France concerning today's terrible terrorist event.

    I love to watch the flash mobs. They start unexpectedly in these public places with only one or two individuals, while a few people begin to watch "this strange little thing taking place." Then more performers join the one or two, and the onlookers begin to catch on. They are actually seeing a live-in-action flash mob as a whole company of performers provide a wonderful, free treat for the people!

    Flash mob performances are done all over the world now, even in West Palm Beach.


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