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Thursday, January 8, 2015


On behalf of my Committee, I should like to take this opportunity to Thank all who have offered to help
in which ever way they could.
Of course if we hadn't in excess of 220 volunteer's ,many of whom wear "Multiple Hat's",
 there would be no celebration...
We all look forward to sharing a lovely Cold Buffet Luncheon, this coming SUNDAY
 afternoon ,JANUARY 11TH, 2015,  from 12 NOON to 3 PM. in our lovely partyroom..
Music for Dining and Dancing will be provided.
Active Committee Members included.:
 Marilyn Pomerantz, Dr.Roni Stein, Sandy Levine, VP Marsha Ziccardy.
.Unfortunately there were a few other's who were unable to attent our "planning" session's,
 however, I do appreciate their interest....Last but not least, without the co operation of
WPRF's staff and VP Eva Rachefsky, this would not be possible. Again I thank you one and all.
Bettie Lee Bleckman

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