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Sunday, February 8, 2015


I am writing on behalf of a new resident who has not received the two devices to bring digital cable to her unit. If my memory serves me correct, each unit owner was given a digital box and a smaller box for their cable television. When this resident contacted Comcast to get the cable boxes she was told that there was an initial fee and a $2.99 additional monthly fee. She informed the representative that she resided in Century Village and that fee was included as one of the amenities here. The representative told her it didn't matter where she lived, the charge and fee applies. Can someone lend some direction for this resident? Perhaps a contact person who services our C.V. account? Thanks


  1. I believe the person you want to speak to at UCO is Bob Marshall.

  2. I could be wrong and I agree with Grace that Bob Marshall would be a good UCO contact concerning this matter, but I believe it is incumbent on the previous owner to have passed on the cable TV box(es), not the responsibility of Comcast to provide new boxes for each new resident.

  3. Just have this person come to the office with the question

  4. Lanny I believe that you are wrong. The cable boxes are in the name of the holder of them. If I move and leave the cable box the new person can break or steal it and I would be help responsible.

  5. I don’t service Century Village’s contract with Comcast. I moved here in January and drove out to the Comcast servicer center at 1401 Northpoint Parkway, WPB
    Showed the person at the counter my driver’s license and C.V. ID card and told them that besides the Digital Starter package, which is free for residents, I wanted internet. They gave me two boxes, but failed to give me the correct cables.
    I bought cheaper cables at Wal-Mart, but they could not carry the signal for certain channels. A tech had to come out and a fought those charges with a lot of phone time and won. Twice during these calls they mentioned bulk services and bulk account. They also tried to charge me for two self-installation kits at $9.95 each. I never heard the figure of $2.99 you mentioned.
    The billing statement refers to the service as:
    02/01-02/28 $0.00
    In summary drive out there with two ID’s and don’t give up!


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