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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Election Candidates on Channel 63

Which candidates are on 63, and when? I caught part of the Barbara Cornish presentation.

I hope Ed Black is on, his experience far exceeds what was in the UCO Reporter. If Ed has helped you, you must vote for him. He works constantly at UCO and is responsible for the efficient running of most of our basic services. I figure he has helped everyone at least once, and my association many times.


  1. Hi Elaine,
    Watch CH. 63,

    The three Candidates who agreed to be interviewed come up very often, don't miss Mr. Gluszak, I had the "pleasure" of working in UCO with him for a year.

    Contributions, zero! Ditto, Ms. Ziccardy.

    Dave Israel

  2. Ed Black has done more in UCO for this Village than anyone else I can think of except for possibly Dave Israel. He has been treasurer, head of Security, chair of Channel 63, effectively the chair of Investigations, and a member of so many committees over the years you almost lose count.

    He is the man who is "always there" in position to help when and where help has been needed—which has been often. If you want to know something, the answer is "Ask Ed" more times than not.

    We can't go wrong having Ed be vice president. Vote for him for reliable, strong leadership and cooperation.


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