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Tuesday, June 23, 2015


As noted in my prior Post, actions are underway to stop certain activities at Sheffield - O. See the following extract, and read the full story in the Palm Beach Post. Also read the UCO Reporter for in depth investigative reporting. 

Dave Israel


  1. Thanks for the hard work Dave. What would Kelly want with a building not part of CV? No one living there could get into the gate or use the club house, pools, etc., etc. He could own the building but not get out of the WPRF rec lease restrictions. Very strange.

  2. (An email sent to Mr. Tony Doris, the Post reporter.

    (I live in Plymouth W, right across the parking lot from Sheffield O)

    Two questions to which you might pursue the answers:

    (1) Re the “80% of the units in a condominium....” My individual building contains 8 units and is part of Plymouth 5 Condo Association which, in turn, contains four additional buildings, amounting to 57 condominiums in all. We (Plymouth 5) elect a board and its officers. Plymouth the subdivision has five separate associations, each with its board, officers, and each sends two delegates to the United Civic Organization which, in its turn, oversees the whole of Century Village's common interests.
    My question(s): “80% of the units” in a single building? In a condominium association? In Plymouth? In the entire entity of Century Village? Is Sheffield O a COA unto itself? Or one of several buildings of a COA?

    (2) Re: “An investor who buys enough units to gain control of the association and raises homeowner's fees”. In November of each year, two months before the annual meeting open to all owners or proxies, our board mails us an itemized budget, listing the present year's fees for various expenses, and proposing next year's fees. A condominium board has a fiduciary duty to the owners, so any raise on homeowner's fees must be legitimate.

    A suggestion: Contact Becker & Poliakoff .

    Richard Handelsman
    166 Plymouth W
    Century Village
    WPB, Fl. 33417

  3. I am not sure a PBPost reporter would respond to an e-mail like this.

    Sheffield O is an entity on to itself.

    The 80% applies to the individual association (the Inc.)

    Number 2 above does not relate to this issues with Sheffield O trying to dissolve itself.

    UCO has nothing to do with this situation as it is a FL Corp set up to help member associations buy insurance, security services, irrigation, etc.

    And yes, it sounds like you need to consult an attorney. No association at CV should be without one---but many are sadly too cheap to spend the money.


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