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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The hottest apartment market in South Florida? You’ll never guess




Lanny Howe said...

I'm not surprised CV is a hot market. When the economy went into the sudden downturn in 2008, I was surprised CV prices didn't fall much at first. Finally they began to fall, and I was surprised then at how far down and how quickly they plummeted. Why surprised? Because CV had the best deal for the money, and I'd have thought demand among cash-strapped people would have prevented CV prices from taking such a nosedive. Now our prices are going up again—finally stabilizing is my guess—from what seemed to me to be an artificial low. Funny how many of these things take time, and then "Wham!"

Plcruise said...

Yes and this has happened under the CURRENT UCO Administration of Dave Israel!
The moron bloggers(you know who you are) on another crap web site are spinning out of control with this good news that happened IN SPITE of their best efforts to prevent it.

Marc said...

Dave, Thanks for fixing my post :-)