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Tuesday, February 23, 2016


Positive Win Win with Dave
Remarkable changes from six years ago. Dave Israel brought in Sunshine laws, open meetings, committee transparency, computerization of records (now paperless), organization and future planning. Meetings can also be seen on video on Channel 63 and on the Blog. Records can now be found with the push of a button.
Dave improved communications among all of the Officers of UCO, also communications with the various Associations and the residents of Century Village. Dave developed an email system within UCO and over the years extended it to the Associations.
Dave has sent out thousands of Minutes of meetings and Public Service Announcements to keep residents informed.

Dave is the most productive workaholic in CV and he is our protection from greed, ignorance, and poor planning. Win, Win, Win, Win, Win, Win!
This 'Old Village' needs expert eyes on the future - risk reduction programs, disaster recovery protocols and related Infrastructure analysis. Dominick Guarnagia, Dave, and our CAM in training Donald Foster, have the skills and continuously prepare our plans.

For an accurate CV election there will be touch screen voting, then electronic clickers for Delegate Assembly voting. Onwards.

Bring back Team Dave, Dominick, and Donald Foster!

Positive Insurance Coverage
Remember the first year our insurance was put out for competition by Toni Salometo, coverage improved, premiums fell 40%. Our Insurance Chair has, over the last five years, saved us $10 million in Premium Costs, enuf said, thank you – Bring back Team Dave, bring back team Toni Salometo – assure continued reduction in premiums and innovation in Insurance protection for our Village.  
I sent my letter in Jan 10 for Feb issue but was assured it would be in the March issue instead. I cannot find it!
As elections approach I want to say that Dave Israel's high personal integrity is the bedrock of our village. He is not seen a great deal in public, he is not out glad handing, but we know he is there for endless hours in UCO and at Delegate meetings. To know him is to have the greatest confidence in anything with which he is associated. He helps every and all associations, mine would have been much poorer without Dave's advice. UCO staff appreciate his outstanding abilities and his willingness to assist with any and all tasks. Do not let the malcontents try to burn down the structure of the village.
Nobody looks after CV better than Dave Israel. Nobody!
Finance Positively Forward with Team Dave

Dave brought in Howard O'Brien who overhauled our archaic system, he brought in electronic bill pay and streamlined our banking methods. Now we are current, accurate, clear, and complete without need for folksy woffling about our pennies. Howard worked with major corporations and banks and was New York CPA 1973 - 2006.
Thanks for nailing a CV embezzler Howard.

Let's continue Finance Dept efficiencies. Vote Howard O'Brien and Team Dave
Asset recovery program with Team Dave
Dave and Ed Black used our good business relationship with WPRF to create an asset recovery project to help associations bring back defaulting units to being productive again. This innovative concept has spread to other Century Villages and has recovered 25 units here. Including one in my association. - Thank you Ed and Dave and WPRF. Bring back team Dave and Ed Black.

Elaine Brown

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