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Monday, February 29, 2016


With the election campaigns now winding down and March 4 rapidly approaching, I thought this would be a good time to set the record straight on a few things. Specifically, I am referring to certain untrue accusations some of the “malcontents” have made against Dave Israel. I don’t expect any diehard malcontents to change their tune, and I am sure this will generate more unfounded attacks by them, but there may be some of you in the Village who "wonder" about these charges. I have written the following for you.

1. Dave did receive a campaign contribution (a personal check) from Donald Kelly, owner of units in Sheffield O, during a previous campaign, but Dave had it returned it to him voided and uncashed because Kelly had already begun his questionable real estate activities and it was clear his motives were suspect. (The mals don’t tell you this second part.) The check, for $200.00, was obviously for far less than the preposterous $5000 Myron Solomon strongly suggested on one of the malcontent blogs. And Kelly was not Dave's campaign manager. Desperate lies five days before the election do not a campaign strategy make.

2. Dave and Insurance Chair Toni Salometo did save the associations millions of dollars after the Village association insurances were sent out for bid. Toni replaced Dan Gladstone, the former insurance “guru” under whom there had been no competitive bidding and skyrocketing premiums year after year with Plastridge Insurance Agency. Despite this, Plastridge was not excluded from the bidding process. How did they fare? They came in well short of what Brown & Brown quoted us and seemed far less professional. Moreover, the lower premiums made available through American Coastal's entrance into the market were available for two years before Toni came on board and competitive bidding commenced. Did Plastridge's rates come down then as a consequence? No. They continued to spike as shown on a graph published on this blog.

3. The first Phyllis Richland political sign removed from the Aitz Chaim synagogue premises was removed by Code Enforcement. Contrary to what the accusatory mals have suggested, Dave had nothing to do with this. When, in what appeared to be pure defiance, the same or a similar sign was put back up, Dave wrote a letter to Code Enforcement and Peyton McArthur, simply questioning its legality. Dave signed the letter with his own name—not “Peyton Israel,” as the mals have repeatedly accused him of. Anyone with half a brain should be able to figure out how, when one of the mals requested and was shown documentation of this, the two names “Peyton” and “Israel” showed up. Undoubtedly when Code Enforcement saw the second sign had been put up, they didn’t take too kindly to this and took the occasion to charge the synagogue with other illegal signage. It might be well to bear in mind while considering this that illegal IS illegal.

4. Dave never wrote or signed a letter apologizing for charges he had made against First Priority Restorations. There was such a letter, yes—drafted by an attorney for First Priority and sent to Dave for him to sign! Dave did not yield to their scare tactics and did not sign the letter. Yet the malcontents posted a copy of this letter on one of their blogs, as if it was his signed admission of wrongdoing. How underhanded can you get?

The campaign waged by the malcontents against Dave Israel has been like this from start to finish—relentless, petty at times, and unfounded with patently untrue and exaggerated charges. We picked out these four to respond to and explain what really happened. Not with the purpose of rebutting the mals—that would seem to be hopeless—but to set the record straight for the fair-minded among you.

If the malcontents think for a moment Dave is going to respond to all of their misleading and untruthful charges, they are mistaken. There comes a point where one needs to trust a person of integrity, and Dave is certainly that. Did you know that he not only worked with the NSA, which protects  this country, but before this was in the US Army's 82nd Airborne Division at Fort Bragg? He parachuted out of aircraft many times. Why hadn't I heard about this until recently? Because he just doesn't toot his own horn about it.

Vote for Dave and his team of recommended candidates on March 4, and you will be voting for principled individuals who can work together. And remember, Dave needs a team he can work with, who will not undercut his efforts.

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